2007 3 Union of ICT Societies of Serbia

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With a formal ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel, on December 18, 2007, tribute was paid to the most successful achievements established in the use of information technology in all aspects of the social and economic life of our region

1 During the opening ceremony, the president of JISA, Djordje Dukic, handed the annual recognition awards of the ECDL Foundation from Dublin and to the Ministry of Defense of Serbia for the exceptional results achieved in IT education of the employed as well as for the contribution to the development of the Information Association of Serbia.

1The assistant to the Minister of the Information Society, Mr. Nebojsa Vasiljevic, by handing out the first award in the category for production, commenced the Diskobolos Award Ceremony, JISA’s highest award for the use of information and communication technologies in almost all spheres of social and economic life. Markedly noticeable was the presence of Slovenian and Croatian firms which received the Diskobolos awards, suggesting an even greater exchange of experience and economic relations in the region of ex - Yugoslavia.

List of the awarded participants:


Principal Awards

(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)
1. Production two Winners and one Honorable Mentions


1. Name of the firm: KONSING Ltd., Belgrade Professional work: Record in Introduction of New Technologies and Development of Telecommunication Networks. Konsing achieved a professional and business record in the speed at which it developed a new mobile phone network in the region of Montenegro, owned by Telecom Serbia. Konsing managed to, in the period of two months, to design and install the equipment, and to start up the network with 63 base junctions. This is a one of a kind record in our region and in the world. About 300 tons of steel structures were used, over 600 -700 cubic meters of reinforced concrete structures and over 1000 cubic meters of excavations were executed. Within this project the preparations for the WiMax System/Network were also done. Authors: Zdenko Lekan and Tihomir Zuvala and the professional team of the company
2. Name of the firm: GENEKO d.o.o. (RK GeneralEkonomic), Belgrade Professional work: The Geneko GPRS/EDGE Router allows alternative connection of small computer networks with remote business units to connect with operators working through the GMS Mobile Network and to use the GPRS/EDGE technologies. This router has been independently produced and brings about new possibilities in mobile communications and is making a dependable technical base for transacting business and the “mobile office”. Authors: Dusan Todovic and Ivan Belkic
3. Name of the firm: Umbra Software d.o.o., Belgrade Professional work: The Technical System of Running the First Biodisel Factory in Serbia, VICTORIAOIL” The main characteristics: The realization of the administration and visualization of the process of production (DCS and MCC for the oil refinery, the biodisel factory and tank farm) in the first biodisel factory in the Balkans – VICTORIAOIL. Authors: UMBRA Team (Nikola Novoselac, Milorad Jovicic, Josko Tadic, Nebojsa Novoselac, Goran Radonic)
4. Name of the firm: Alltech – Fermin, Senta Professional work: “From Fermentation to the Table of the Buyer (“Quality” program). The program qualitatively and quantitatively follows the process of production from the preparation for fermentation, all the way till the buyer takes over the finished product, yeast. The “Quality” program integrates the information from PLC as well as the laboratory results analysis. Author: Atila Molnar Gabor
5. Name of the firm: Comdata doo, Nivi Sad Professional work:IIS -the Integral Informational System (ERP) The main characteristics: The Integral Informational System is intended for overseeing production and the running of small and medium sized businesses. It falls under the category of the so called ERP solutions. Authors: Comdata doo
6. Name of the firm: HCP L d.o.o., Krusevac Professional work: HCP Hunter  - is a terminal intended for systems of observation and reporting. It is based on  Simens’s XT65 abd XT75 wireless modules. The base consists of the  EDGE protocol implemented in the XT75, the modules can be used by almost all the world networks. It has a “WatchDog” application for overseeing the work of the equipment itself and in terms of quality presents a fine solution to the system for following cars, the system for observation and reporting, safety systems, systems for controlling motor pools and navigational systems. Authors: HCP R&D Team
7. Name of the firm: Viator&Vektor Transped – Novi Sad a.d. Professional work: The Informational System of Viator&Vektor Transped – Novi Sad a.d. - it connects and involves all the organizational units into a uniform work process on the whole territory of Serbia, using a number of solutions in the realization of transferring the information within WAN, with the realized exchange of data toward e-banking and the Customs Administration. Author: Milos Kurtes
2. Project one Winner and two Honorable Mentions

1. Name of firm: Masinoprojekt Kopring a.d., Belgrade Professional work:Masinoprojekt Korping Informational System a.d. -A completely new informational system was realized in the past year which enables this exporting leader in project design, to continue to be fully competitive in the international markets. 30 km of cable were built in, a gigabit net for 512 positions, 320 net units, 66 printers, 10 plotters and 300 telephone units, ready for IP telephoning.
Author: Radomir Lalic

2. Name of firm: Grappolo International, Belgrade Professional work: Informational System Partner - is for running businesses, trading and production companies with support for distant locations and modules for support in decision making. Grappolo has in the last decade especially specialized in quality ERP solutions favorable for small and middle size firms, easy to use an quick for implementation. Author: Miki Avramovic, Miodrag Pavlovic
3. Name of firm: CPU d.o.o., Belgrade Professional work:  Main Project For Belgrade’s Call Center” – has been organized as a modern contact center, through which a citizen (the user of the service) is given the possibility to complete all his/her communal or legal proceedings with civil or council authorities by phone, web, e-mail, fax post or teletext quetionairs…. Belgrade’s Call Center will be open nonstop, 24 hours, with a distributed operational function within the responsible services. The project has been implemented according to the best experiences of the most up to date world call centers. Authors: CPU d.o.o.
4. Name of firm: HGS INZENJERING D.O.O., Belgrade Professional work: Projects for “DATA CENTER” in Podgorica for Montenigrian TELEKOM A.D. The projects under international tenders covered the following areas: telecommunications and signaling installations, - architectural and building plans, - hydroinstallations, - mechanical installations, - sub-stations and power installations of low currant, - system of technical security, - fixed automatic installations for putting out fires, and they are all connected into a miltidiciplinary and uniform whole. Authors: Vladislav Punovic and a group of other authors of the other projects
5. Name of firm: LEFTOR d.o.o., Tuzla Professional work: “Jablan Framework” Main characteristics: The making of a new programming language, fifth generation, which can be used to quickly make a clients database application for the WEB. The basic characteristic of the language is that the computer does not need to be told what to make, it is enough to give it clear specification of what we wish to be made, and it will generate the set application. Author: Kristijan Smiljanic
6. Name of firm: GALEB GROUP d.o.o., Sabac Professional work: Succesful Integration Of IT Solutions into the Changes Of Strategies for Running Businesses - The GALEB GROUP is a business system which uses the fast developing IT technologies in the area of communication and implements them into their IT solutions. The use of the ERP solution by Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the opening conditions for further upgrading of the B2B portal. Enlisting a great number of employees for up keeping and the use of these solutions has made a working environment which gives a high level of technological and functional surroundings and in that way considerable changes in the strategy of doing business.   Author: Gmizic Jasmina
7. Name of firm: Technicom Computers, Belgrade Professional work:  Solution to IP Telephoning and the LocaL Computer Network - Main characteristics: The solution to IP telephoning is based on the Cisco Call Manager 5.0 and the integration with the local computer network  based on the Cisco equipment Authors: Goran Josivljevic, Milisav Todorovic, Petar Stupar

3. Management one Winner and two Honorable Mentions

1. Name of firm: Vlatacom, d.o.o., Belgrade Professional work: Passenger Control System At  Boarder Crossings - Many countries    have started using the technology of mechanical reading of passports with an installed electronic chip for a more efficient registration of travelers crossing boarders. Vlatacom’s system of registration automatically scans textual and biometric data of the passengers at the boarder crossings, stores them in the central data base, allows search through the base under different criteria  and automatically alerts authorities in case of suspect crossing or wanted persons. In the first phase, this system has been installed at three international airports in Lagos, Kano and Abuja and in the next at all the boarder crossings and hotels, which would enable automatic surveillance of travelers with temporary residence permits. Authors: Sasa Vujic, Aleksandar Simic, Zoran Crnobrnja, Zoran Kvascev, Momcilo Majic, Sasa Bozinovic, Dragan Radic and Aleksej Makarov  
2. Name of firm: Infomare d.o.o.,Zagreb Professional work: winGPS - Solution for Local Authorities has been implemented in local fire stations in Zagreb city, in the  Government Administration for Security and Aide, in “Gavella” theater in Zagreb and in the city of Varazdin. The development of GPS has followed the transitional and all other legal changes in Croatia, it is holder of quality recognition of the Cratian Chamber of Commerce  and Ministry of Finance. winGPS is a result of technological reengineering and functional build up, the goal being reaching a full openness to working with networks with multiplatform structures. Author: Ante Radelic
3. Name of firm: LMB Nis and IB –SOFT Nis Professional work: SKY BUS Supervision Control System for Integral Supervision of Public Transport in Nis is a computer system based on GPS - GPRS and TCP - IP systems. It allows the users information about the arrival time of a bus at the station as well as the number of the line, delays in the city, etc.. The system has been made with local software and hardware. Authors: Dejan Rancic with assistants B. Blagojevic and V. Antic, and GIS Electro - engineering University Laboratory in Nis
4. Name of firm: JKP Parking Service – Novi Sad Professional work: Control System for Admission of Vehicles With the Help Of Passive RFID Tugs”- Main characteristrics: This work shows the system for control for admission of motor vehicles with the help of passive RFID tugs. The aim of the system is to allow subscribers and persons with physical difficulties to use parking garages in which admission is controlled with the help of electromotor ramps. Authors: Dragan Jovanovic and Stevan Stankovski
5. Name of firm: Infotehna,Novo Mesto Professional work: Solution eCTDExpert for Managing Contents, Documents and Processes - The CTD (Common Technical Document) format precisely specifies the structure of the register dossier. The CTD is compulsory in the European Union, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and Austria, while it is recommended in USA. Along with CTD  the eCTD (Electronic Common Technical Document)  began developing, which presents a step toward quicker, simpler and more efficient work. Authors: Mihajlo Ceraj Ceric, Elvis Pacelat and Mihail Ilic
6. Name of firm: Mikrodata GIS, Fram Professional work: The GIS System for Managing Public Property (GIS UJI) For countries in transition, like Bosnia and Hercegovina now, all local communities are faced with the problem as to how to handle property. Introducing a Model for handling property is essential because of that, as well as an inclusive approach to effective use of properties, through which the local communities govern or own them. Prior development of the GIS System for Managing Public Property is an implemented solution of Microdata GIS in Brcko. Authors: Microdata GIS d.o.o. and Vinko Kurent , spec.mgmt.
7. Name of firm: Biro PLUSB, Nis Professional work: PULSBMS – INTEGRATION OF DIFFERENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS is a commercial modular software article in use since 1990. Up to now it has been implemented in all branches of business. The development of information technologies toward electronic running of businesses have made the conditions for integration, so that  with the PULSBMS the existing problems have been overcome and the price of the articles has been lowered as a result. Authors: Ninoslava Bajalovic and Vesna Stojkovic
4. Public Services one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
1. Name of firm: Cicom , Podgorica Professional work: PORTAL KEP OF THE MONTENIGRIAN GOVERNMENT, CONFERENCES WITHOUT PAPER  Since July 2007, the Government of Montenegro, Commission for Economic Politics, have prepared and held conferences on – line, without paper. The success of this project resulted in development of a solution to “Electronic Government”, that is a solution that should enable the preparation and holding of Montenegrian Government assemblies. It is a flexible system which is developing and receiving new contents and at the same time document management, workflow management,…site. Authors: Programming Team with Petar Kapetanovic as the Head.
2. Name of firm: Business Register Agency, Belgrade Professional work: Agency’s Services for Business Register Based on Highly Available Databasesenables transparency and availability of data from all the APR registers, and is realized through the use of the most current technologies and achievements of e- management in the world. Authors: Business Register Agency in cooperation with IT Partners
3. Name of firm: Executive Council AP Vojvodina, Service for General and Communal Work of the Regional Branches, Novi Sad Professional work: Electric Observation of Conferences Within E – Vojvodina E -Vojvodina represents one of the prioratised programs of business development in Vojvodina. Computer networks for the Exsecutive Council and the APV Assembly have been realized as a prerequisite to e – management. Services enabled for: constant access to all users, insured web hosting for the needs of the province’s authorities, Web Mail service, GSM gateway, SMS gateway with Web interface…The application also insures work with documents in electric form. The first electronic conference of the Executive Council of Vojvodina was held September 9, 2007, as the first of its kind in the region. Also realized is the portal system for public services which is available to the citizens and businesses 24 hours a day. Author: Milan Paroski
4. Name of firm: JP Institute for City Construction, Novi Sad Professional work: Integral Informational System JP Institute for City Construction”- encompasses: the system for managing documentation, GIS and user application. The system is constructed completely on Microsoft platforms with Autodesk tools. Users of IIS are: ZIG users, public businesses, the Town Hall, institutions, the Fire Department…Authors: IT Departmant and OSA Computer Engineering
5. Name of firm: Arhel d.o.o., Novi sad Professional work: News Portal, Radio – Television  Vojvodinawas developed as a result of transformation of RTV into a public service for the citizens. The solution encompasses: - operating the complete structure  of the news portal through CMS, managing the privilege of access to CMS with a built in workflow between the journalist and editor, multilingual support, wap, ss, podcast services…. Author: Arhel d.o.o.
6. Name of firm: Lanaco  Kompjuteri i Komunikacije , Banja Luka Professional work: Portal of the Government of the Republic Srpskais a solution based on platforms of Microsoft ----Office SharePoint ---- Server (MOSS) 2007 and it enables the citizens in acquiring information connected to governmental administration, business personalities and potential investors. It presents  possibilities connected to business possibilities in the Republic Srpska, all the activities of the Government and the Ministires and the Agencies. The Portal consists of about 2000 pages and 600 services. This is the first solution of its kind, and of such scoop and technology in the region. Author: Lanaco Computers and Communications
7. Name of firm: Neotek d.o.o., Belgrade Professional work: Development of System for Managing Content and Redesigning Website for the Ministry of Finances of Serbiais a redesign of the public part of the Ministry of Finances of Serbia  Website and the development of the administrative part which enables quick and easy management in Cyrillic, Latin and English. Authors: Vladimir Pekez and Ognjen Kovac
5. Finances one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
1. Name of firm: Beogradska berza, Belgrade  Professional work: BELEX – Informational System for Trading With Securities at the Belgrade Stock Exchange - This is a new informational system for trading with securities and is developed on Windows platforms with a SQL base. It has all the characteristics of a most current Informational System in this field. For communicating with other participants at the financial market  FIX (Financial Information eXchange) is used, a protocol that is the basic protocol of the EU for MIFID directives. Authors: Radojko Miladinovic and the Belgrade Stock Exchange Team with their assistants from Serbia, Canada and Luxemburg
2. Name of firm: IPR, Zagreb Professional work: IPR Bank Kiosk is a current self-catering electronic banking device with 18 functions: extracts and transactions, Internet banking, salary deposits for business subordinates, loans, savings, virtual walk through the bank, scanner works, barcode recognition, advertising, overseeing, statistics, animated instructions…. The use of the Kiosk (ATM) in banking substitutes the traditional way of banking, adapting to the demands of the clients and provides  24 hour transaction. When not in use by a client, advertising material is automatically activated and projected. Author: Zlatan Karabegovic
3. Name of firm: Alfasoft, Ruma Professional work: Informational System for Natural Gas Distribution Public Firm\”INGAS”\ ”Indjija”- enables financial tracking of analysis of the consumer with integrated graphic imagery  of the gas net and the location of the consumer in the Indjija Municipality. It is a completely integrated business system with financial, commodity – material bookkeeping, and subsistence and income settlements. Authors: ALFASOFT Team: Bodor Andrej, Zoran Negovanovic, Branislav Milosevic
4. Name of firm: Citadela Professional work: Internet Application www.bankomati.netenables the citizens constant overview of the ATM operations in the Republic of Slovenia. The application selectively overtakes and rewrites data from the Thor system which controls the ATM net of about 1500 ATMs and then publishes them on an internet address available to the citizens. In this way the user may establish whether the ATM is working or not and which services each ATM may execute. Author: Citadela d.o.o.
5. Name of firm: NIS PETROL, Jugopetrol Beograd Professional work: Automated Process of Advance Productionhas automated the process of forming an estimate, recording and keeping track of advance payments, creating accounts for the received advance payments, balance taxes for all received payments, that is the realized ones. The automated inclusion of advance payments in to the invoice, automated closure of outstanding debts, recording in to the business books of analysis and statistics, complete notification, has enabled a simpler and more effective practice, eliminating holdups in separating the estimates and advance payments, and securing maximum accuracy. Authors: Nevenka Tanascuk and Verica Zagar
6. Name of firm: Energoprojekt – Energodata, Belgrade Professional work: Web Application of Keeping Track and Recording of Business Tripshas been developed for the needs of Telecom Serbia’s local and abroad business trips. It is based on Workflow and made in .Net technology, Oracle database, integrated with registration of Telecom’s TIS system made in Oracle forms tools. The whole process is tracked by an information system made in Crystal Reports and Hyperion. Up to now 100.000 orders have been realized and there are over 500 dailyusers. Authors: Zorica Crveni, Vera Bojovic and Snezana Mitic
7. Name of firm: HCP d.o.o., Krusevac Professional work: Fiscal Cash Register INTEGRA represents an ideal solution for almost all cash payments. This advanced solution over an integrated GPRS terminal gives the possibility of remote reading and updating of data, synchronizes with the server of the user and/or with the server of the Revenue Administration. With its variations it enables webbing with other cash registers or units that support the TCP/IP protocols. Authors: HCP R&D Team 
6. Healthcare two Winners and one Honorable Mention
1. Name of firm: Institute za onkologiju Vojvodina & SRC. SI, Sremska Kamenica and Belgrade  Professional work: Integrated Hospital – Business Informational Systemhas been adapted with a decentralized approach to healthcare services and a centralized channeling of information so that the healthcare needs of the population are taken care of most effectively. The system consists of the following parts: Hospital -Clinical IS, Laboratory IS, Pharmaceutical IS, Radiology IS, Business - Administration IS, all completely connected. Authors: Dubravka Striber – Devaja and Svetozar Zdravkovic
2. Name of firm: Republicki fond za zdravstveno osiguranje, Podgorica Professional work: Informational Support to Processes in PZZ The healthcare system and medical insurance make one of the most important segments of the society and basically represent a specific and delicate for the use of information and communication technologies. Primary healthcare (PZZ) is the place where most of the services offered to the users are administered. The Montenigrian model of IS PZZ  has been developed as an integrator of all the modules within the healthcare system. Authors: Adis Balota, Zoran Glomazic, Denis Rekovic and Djuro Kostic
3. Name of the firm: Infosistem, Zagreb Professional work:  Hospital Foodis an informational system which enables complete management of food catering in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare centers. The solution was developed by using the knowledge and experience of hospital staffs and ad visors from the same field of work, with the use of Oracle tools and database. The main functionality of the Hospital Food system includes: Recording and following patients, making of menus and price lists, recording of made meals, nutritional values of meals, composition of norms for nutritional values of meals, making of reports about meals and beverages, planning of needed articles, and norms of contact persons. Author: Nikola Holubek, ICT Director
4. Name of firm: DIYOMI SOFT doo Nis Professional work: “Medical Informational System”has been developed in the most current .NET technology with the MySQI database on the server and is realized as a web solution. It is used by three of the biggest spa centers in Serbia that are being followed by other spas in the region. It entails the entire management from the calls, check in and accommodation of patients, issuing of spa’s lists, starting up the patients history, tracking of the whole treatment to issuing invoices, medical reports and medical statistics. Authors: DIYOMI SOFT doo Nis
5. Name of firm: EXECOM d.o.o., Novi Sad Professional work: “New Software Platform for Clinical Chemical Analyzer” developed for clients from the Netherlands. New software has bee developed whose use has been spread to cover the whole family of analyzers. The idea to start the project began with the need for advanced software functionality, quick development of new analyzers, easier upkeep of existing instruments and improved development of versions for the OEM clients.
6. Name of firm: Visaris d.o.o., Belgrade Professional work: Visaris Diagon/PACS System is a Radiological Diagnostic working station with advanced tools for processing digital pictures with an electronic archive of the patients x-rays. The work process with such a software system is completely adapted to the diagnostic process of the radiology department. Authors: Marijana Lukic, Srdjan Markovic, Vladimir Dimitrijevic and Igor Kaplanovic
7. Name of firm: Univerzitet u Beogradu, Institut za medicinska istarzivanja i <<SMS most>>, Belgrade Professional work: STOMIS IMIis a program system which entirely follows the work technology and running of the laboratory for toxoplasma at the Institute of Medical Research at the University of Belgrade. Along with that, through statistical experimentation it gives support to professional research projects. It has been developed in the . NET technology with a MS SQL server as the database server.  Authors: Project Head, Dr. Sc. Med. Olgica Djurkovic – Djakovic, IMI authors: Ivan Klun, IMI, Miodrag Stojanovic Bc.Sc., SMS Bridge
7. Education one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
1. Name of firm: King ICT d.o.o., Belgrade/Zagreb  Professional work: ECDL BOXconsists of e – educational materials, handbook, examination sample tests, examination coupons and an index. The ECDL e-educational materials are multimedial and interactive so they consist of lectures, presentations and answer keys in cohesion with the ECDL Syllabus 4.0.. The pretests are made as an interactive simulation and present a valid preparation for the real ECDL exam. Up to now over 16.000 ECDL Boxes have been marketed in Croatia of which 10.000 have been bought by the Ministry of Education for the us of elementary and secondary school teachers. Authors: King ICT d.o.o.
2. Name of firm: Microsoft Software d.o.o., Belgrade Professional work: Microsoft Program “Partner in Learning” in Republic of Serbiais a global program directed in aiding in the use of IKT in education, at elementary and secondary school levels. Its use in the Republic of Serbia began in 2004. Educational and teaching materials were made for: programming robots, internet  safety of children, programming in VB.NET environment, project learning with the help of IKT etc., up to now 2000 teachers have been educated  and over 300 students. Authors: Microsift Software d.o.o.
3. Name of firm: KATE – KOM, Zagreb Professional work: SMS Informative (SMS School Notification System)’has been patented in Croatia and Russia, an is currently being patented by WIPO – PCT (World Intellectual Property Organization). The product has been made for elementary and secondary education and represents an additional Communication channel which joins all the participants in the educational process: school, teachers, parents and students. A year ago (2006) this application received the second prize (Tesla’s Silver Egg) at the ICT Service World Competition under the patronage of the Rudjer Boskovic Institute and VIDI- e- novation Magazine, so it represented Croatia at CeBIT 2007. Authors: Development Unit, KATE-KOM
4. Name of firm: Manufakrura d.o.o., Subotica Professional work: Examination Registration by Mobile”Examination registration is an imperative periodical procedure that happens at all higher education school and universities. It implies the collection and entering of a large amount of information for each student. This procedure is hard if it involves a large number of students. The application by the use of the mobile is the most comfortable way to do this task at the moment. Author: Petar Cisar
5. Name of firm: SysPrint d.o.o., Zagreb Professional work: “Endless Collection of Math Problems and Test Generator”enables the student to study by himself and motivates to practice the subject-matter. The Test Generator automates the testing procedure for the teacher and assesses the student. Both of the applications have the same programming base which ties them in to a single learning and teaching package for elementary schools. Authors; Vinkoslav Galesev and Dragan Kovac
6. Name of firm: Srednja skola Jesenice Professional work: INFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE HANDICAPPED AND PERSONS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS – Main characteristics: The rapid development of computers and the daily need to use them has opened new possibilities for including the handicapped, as well as the people with special needs in daily education as well as in work related activities. Authors: Metod Cufar, Marko Peterman and Renata Stare
7. Name of firm: Ekonomski fakultet Subotica Professional work: Education of Students According to ECDL Standards – Since October, 2005, the University of Economics is certifying students in the domain of IT according to European standards implementing the ECDL concepts. During that period 1600 students have been admitted to  the process of certification which has made the University of Economics in Subotica test center one of the biggest test centers in the Republic of Serbia. Education by ECDL  standards enables the students to, during the  education, obtain knowledge with which they improve their productivity in work related to computer support. Authors: Djurkovic Jovica and Predrag Matkovic
8. Services one Winner and three Honorable Mentions
1. Name of firm: S&T Serbia, Belgrade Professional work: The First SAP CRM Implementation in Serbia has been implemented in the SBB company from Kragujevac. The SAP ERP solution and the first SAP CRM solution cover the business dealings of the SBB company in more than 20 cities in Serbia. During the first phase  standard module software packets, SAP, were implemented, that is financial, logistical and modules for managing human resources. During the second phase, modules for up keeping the working of the factory, were introduced and the SAP software for controlling the user relationship (CRM) which covered billing, marketing and servicing. In this way the SBB company obtained integration of the business processes and the technologies, an open system, flexibility, an advanced support in decision making and a clear definition of the business process. Authors: Dusan Radosevic and Gragor Glavac
2. Name of firm: In.life d.d. Ljubljana Professional work: DetelfoneThe In.life d.d. company is well known as the telecom Detel operator. In.life has developed a sort of VoIP telephoning service designated for different target groups  and has over 20.000 registered users in Slovenia. Currently 80% of the cable operators in Slovenia (with cc. 200.000 CATV connections, among them UPC Slovenia) offer the final users In.life landline phones in exchange for Telecom.
3. Name of firm: Sapiens Soft & Telekom Serbia a.d., Belgrade Professional work: MIS in the Palm of Your Handenables managers  to follow relevant indicators of business firms  no matter if they are in the country at the moment or abroad, at the firm or at home, in the car, and so on, because with the help of the mobile phone Pocket PC and the communication connections, they have a number of possibilities and faster and more efficient approach to data. Authors: Sapiens Soft & Telekom Serbia a.d.
4. Name of firm: BLANK dooel – Skopje Professional work: INTEGRATED SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION AND COMMERCIAL FINANCIAL PROCESSING- this integrated system encompasses the whole sequence of  events and documents connected to vehicle registration, based on European standards and classifications. This includes all accompanying documents such as: forms of registration, licenses, hybrid mail, contracts, etc., and an automatic connection to the Commercial Financial System, automatated recording, Treasury, etc. , reports and so on. Authors: Atanasov Goran and Jandreski Goran
5. Name of firm: ORIS Kreativne solucije, Novi Sad Professional work:” Indago7, Applicant Organization System” provides statistic processing and monitoring of the  whole employment process. This web based system allows organization, automating and standardization of the employment processes.
 Authors: Department for Technical Solutions of the “ORIS Kreativne solucije” Company
6. Name of firm: Core Impulse – Beograd Professional work: Belgrade Trade Center (BTC) – Informatics in Service of Economy – this packet of services is meant for small, middle sized and big businesses as well as for individual on-line shops, which enable the BTC members to without any particular IT education, to easily and simply, in detail, present their company and all their individual goods/services and to offer them to the market. Author: Dragan Ostojic
7. Name of firm: COMTECH d.o.o., Ljubljana Professional work: Electonic Approval of Received Bills – The documents, up on arrival at the company, are transferred into electronic form and are then sorted, so it is not possible for them to get lost. Monthly, regular bills, can be automatically approved, if they are within expected limits and if they fulfill the conditions. Easy to survey statistics are established and the accounts are automatically archived, and are therefore available to the different sectors with the different needs. Authors: Tone Gazvoda, Tomaz Tekavac and Tomaz Mlakar

9. Web Achievements one Winner and two Honorable Mentions

1. Name of firm: Univerzitet u Beogradu Professional work:  The Development of the University of Belgrade Website – from April 4, 2006, this site has constantly expanded and developed, so that by the beginning of last year University of Belgrade has taken the 426th place from the 3000 universities that are presented on the Web. Under the European terms, UB is ranked as 174th, with the University of Ljubljana as the only one better in the region.
2. Name of firm: Podravka d.d., Koprivnica Professional work: www.podravka.com The corporative pages of Podravka are meant for journalists, investors, business partners, potential and current employees, consumers…. The entirety of corporate communication on the Internet renders the existence of this company in the public services such as the YouTube, Flickr, del.icio.us, etc.. Authors: Podravka d.d. Korporativne komunikacije – Tanja Gligorovic, Case Sensitive svetovanje d.o.o. – planiranje, Burza d.o.o. – planiranje, web design i produkcija, skin 29 d.o.o. – part of web design
3. Name of firm: Agencija Net Link, Belgrade Professional work: On-line Sales Service – www.internetprodavnice.comis a solution for sales over the Internet which can completely free the salesmen of worries, about technical problems. In that way this service represents outsourcing of Internet sales and is of multiple benefits to salespersons. Authors: Zoran Sevarac and Jelena Sevarac
4. Name of firm: Eight Bit d.o.o. Beograd Professional work: Cyclone Enterprise CRM (Ciklon) – is an Integrated solution to electronic business which covers CRM functionality of Internet activities and external organization of businesses when dealing with clients (sales, rent, services, distribution and so on) through B2C and B2B eCommerce Web portals and the CMS module. Authors: Boris Drajer and Dusan Dimitrijevic
5. Name of firm: Infostud 3doo, Subotica Professional work: Znanje.infostud.com – is a site which encourages life long  learning and improvement, it was developed in September, 2007, an already in October it had about 150.000 visitors and 13.000 people registered on the mailing list. During the same month, over three hundred courses were presented on the site (languages, computers, business know how, self improvement….) Authors: Infostud Team
6. Name of Firm: 2M, Belgrade Professional work: www.mojlek.com is a search, free Register of Medicines, in Serbia, where patients may find information about medicine  registrations, as well as to find where the medicine is available and at what price, in Serbia – the drug may be reserved free of charge in the whole region of Serbia and the “advisor” gives the patients the possibility to contact specialists. Within closed circles the pharmacists have an opportunity to exchange their professional opinions. Author: Filip Todorovic
7. Naziv firme: Name of firm: Entitet doo, Novi sad Professional work: www.Ent-ponuda.com - is a portal which enables firms to advance their businesses with presentations of their goods or services. The firms load and change the information about their goods or services by themselves. It is an International nomenclature of EU goods and is services in 8 languages.Authors: Arijana Vujic and Radivoj Vujic



Special Awards

(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

ICT Expert meetings
1. CISCO EXPO 2007 Belgrade
2. TELSIKS 2007 Niš
3. INFOFEST 2007 Budva
4. TELFOR 2007 Belgrade
5. CASE 2007 Opatija
6. INFOTEH 2007 Jahorina
ICT radio i TV Shows
1. Televizija Metropolis, Beograd - TV show "Tehnopolis" 
2. Vanya Production, Novi Sad - TV show "ICT Plus"
3. IT-TV produkcija, Beograd - TV show "eTV"
4. RTS / Science and Education Office, Beograd - TV show "DIGITAL NBS - LIBRARY OF THE FUTURE "
5. RTV Crne Gore - TV show "Klik"
6. Radio Beograd II - radio show ”Digital ikons”
7. Televizija Metropolis, Beograd - TV show "GameOver "
ICT Publishing
1. Mobinet, Ljubljana - MOBINET Magazine
2. DGA group doo, Kragujevac Book " Naučite da koristite računar za samo 7 dana "
3. Mikro knjiga, Beograd Book: "Sigurnost računarskih sistema i mreža”
4. Tehnički fakultet „Mihajlo Pupin“, Zrenjanin Proffesional work: ECDL CAD v.1.5 kompjutersko crtanje i konstruisanje
5. Mobil Mega Beograd, MOBIL MEGA Magazine
6. Trend Zagreb, Infotrend Magazine
7. Kompjuter biblioteka, Beograd Proffesional work: ECDL LITERATURA ZA Sillabus 4.0
ICT Foreign Partners
DISKOBOLOS 2007   -   Stručni žiri

- Niko Schlamberger - Predsednik Council of European Professional Informatics Societies, Brisel
- Prof. dr. Olivera Stanković - predsednik Evropske ekonomske trg. ind. komore za Srbiju
- Mr Nebojša Vasiljević - pomoćnik ministra za informaticko društvo Srbije,
- Prim. dr. Elizabet Paunović - pomoćnik ministra zdravlja Srbije
- Saša Pivalica - savetnik ministra za državnu upravu i lokalnu samoupravu
- Marijan Frković - Privredna komora Hrvatske
- Mensura Beganović - Asocijacija informatičara u BiH
- Mojca Osojnik - Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije
- Sofija Jovanovska - Agencija za elektronske komunikacije Makedonije
- Stevan Ljumović - predsednik društva informatičara Crne Gore
- Slobodan Karanović - Beogradski zavod za statistiku, Beograd
- Dragan Nikolić – Elektroprivreda Srbije
- Prof. dr. Dragan Domazet – FIT, Beograd
- Nikola Marković - predsednik DIS, Beograd,
- Slobodan Krstić - Jugoimport SDPR, Beograd,
- mr Dragan Marinković - YUADM Asocijacije, Beograd,
- mr Čedomir Milenković - Institut Mihajlo Pupin, Beograd,
- Vesna Pudar - Privredna komora Beograda, Beograd,
- Prof. dr. Stevica Graovac - Elektrotehnički fakultet Beograd,
- Prof. dr. Stevica Krsmanović - Fakultet za menadžment, Beograd,
- Prof. dr. Svetozar Pervulov - KBC Zvezdara, Beograd,
- mr Milinka Prohić - SAGA, Beograd,
- Miroslav Petrović - predsednik upravnog odbora udruženja ARHIV INFO, Beograd,
- Marija Đermanović - Viši savetnik u ministarstvu telekomunikacija i informatičkog društva


For aditional information
JISA Office
+381 11- 2622668, 2620374, 2632996