2008 3 Union of ICT Societies of Serbia

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At final ceremony in the Hotel Continental Belgrade, on 18 December 2008, this year's the most qualitative solutions in the application of information and communication technologies in almost all spheres of economy and non-economy were announced.

Ms. Jasna Matić, Minister of Telecommunication and Information Society of Serbia, opened the ceremony and award recognition attended the highest bodies of Serbia and President of CEPIS - Council of European Professional Informatics Societies, Mr. Nobody Schlamberger; Ambassador of Canada, Mr. John Morrison and other regional representatives of chambers of commerce and IT associations who participated in the work of this year's jury.

Mr. Đorđe Dukić, president of JISA – Union of IT Societies of Serbia, as a 14-year-old organizer of recognition Diskobolos, by welcome speech stressed the fact that this recognition, unique by its purpose and emphasizing the positive experiences, more and more gains importance in the international community and even outside the region of Southeast Europe, which is a tribute not only to work of JISA and its developed international cooperation, but also work of the entire government of Serbia that, day by day, builds its new and important position in the world.

Special characteristic of Diskobolos is that, in besides the usual candidates from ex-Yugoslav countries, this year, two candidacies from Kenya, South Africa and even two from Sri Lanka emerged with their solutions and contribution to the development of the information society, and one of them was awarded Diskobolos in the category of education, as one of the solutions for IT training in rural areas of Sri Lanka.

This magnificent ceremony was enriched by our famous artists: Tanja Bošković, Rade Marjanović, Srđan Jovanović, ballerinas of Terazije Theatre and The BestBeat ensemble with fantastic copy music of famous Beatles.


Principal Awards

(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)
1. Production one Winner and one Honorable Mentions


GENEKO d.o.o, Belgrade - ”SuperCash S - fiscal cash register with integrated GPRS terminal” is a device that enables wireless connection to a server of Tax Administration or users over the mobile telephony network. Besides the main functions of the fiscal cash register, the device supports centralized management of all fiscal cash registers in the users' sales network and solves the problem of everyday records updating of products signed in numerous cash registers in the distant places. Additional function M-Pay terminal for e-payment of mobile credit as well as the support for payments POS terminal for transition authorization with credit card, all through GPRS/GSM communication. Authors: Dalibor Šegan, Dejan Senić, Milan Karajović, Nebojša Ličina, Nenad Ljubičić
Institute for Advancement of Education, Belgrade – Product "CD Robi set" is a complete robot product intended for wide application in civilian as well as modern teaching, which uses IT. Authors: mr Stanković Željko, graduate electrical engineer
  ICM Electronics, Novi Sad - ” Robotic welding cell with rotational table consists of two robots and a rotational table. On one-half of the table, the components that robot takes and holds onto the other robot, are received and that other robot welds. Once all the components are welded, they are returned on the rotational table. By turning the table around, new components are set and the cycle continues. Authors: Željko Đurić, Predrag Kovačić, Andrej Jagodanović, Radoslav Popov, Milan Čanak, Dragan Mićić

  PLUSB, Niš - PLUSBMS®”is a commercial ERP software product, manufactured and applied according JRS standards and for utilities, which have been in exploatation since 1990. Thanks to the accounts framrwork compatibility of Serbia, in this case also of Austria (IFAC, IASB), foreign investors can fast and efficiently connect the investment places in Serbia with investment fund abroad. Authors: Ninoslava Bajalović, Miladin Bajalović, Milutin Mihajlović
  Alltech-Fermin, Senta - ”Help Desk” is a support to all users in one of the biggest European yeast production and other special by-products of yeast both liquid and dry, or like pasta. A complex software on these dvices enables fast and efficient support. Application unites data on hardware, software, users’ requests, instructins tat are used during work and costs. Authors: Atila Molnar Gabor and company’s expert teams
  Telecom of the Republic of Serbian, Banja Luka -Overvoltage protection of mobile telephony base stations”   This product is intended for ensuring more qualitative signal reception, especially because of risky locations of base stations that are located on the hills or high buildings, which increases the intensity of atmospherics. Author: Milan Paripović
2. Project two Winners and three Honorable Mentions
KONSING GROUP d.o.o, Belgrade - ” Konsing’s telecommunication and IP infrastructure” was designed and built during 2008. Its own IP (ICT) infrastructure, which consists of locations for setting the antennas, antennas systems and other telecommunication/IP equipment are ment for the offer on ICT market and the operators of mobile telephony, Internet providers, WiMax operators, TV and radio stations,  as well as building and other companies that need to use certain telecommunications on their sites/storages. Future users of KONSING’s telecommunication and IP infrastructure have the opportunity to choose ICT location for their needs in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Valjevo, Šabac, Loznica, Požarevac and other cities Authors: Zdenko Lekan i Tihomir Zuvela
INFOMARE d.o.o. Zagreb - PSP-DDMS  is the most modern version of  je INFOMARE ERP system. It is intended to regional and national networks of automotive partners as well as each partner. SAP-DDMS is implemented in the national partner network Hyundai Motor Company in Croatia and Serbia. All the functions of planning, basic services, CRM and SCM with standard features of ERP System are supported and integrated. Author: Vlado Popović, project manager
Kunsttrans d.o.o. Belgrade – ” Project  of Monitoring System ArtDepo for the National Museum in Belgrade” ArtDepo system has inter-related parameters of air conditioning control, an active fire system and a video security system and sensory supervision. Made according to the requirements and standards for the protection of museum space and depo parameters that have not existed in Serbia, according to experts with the requirements for preventive protection of cultural goods in the National Museum in Belgrade. Authors: Kunsttrans group of designers
The Executive Council of AP Vojvodina, Office of general and common tasks of provincial authorities, Novi Sad – ”PROJECT for protection and systematic  maintenance of computer-communication system IV APV' includes LAN and WAN computer network of the Executive Council and the Parliament of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, as well as a range of services and application programs within the implementation of the programs e-Vojvodina and the action plan from the strategy of e-Government of province body.  Authors: MA Milan Paroški, Đorđe Smiljanić, Zoran Spanović and Željko Milankov
  Republic of Serbia, the Directorate for internal waterways Plovput, Belgrade - ”THE PROJECT OF IMPLEMENTATION OF RIVER INFORMATION SERVICE IN Serbia” is the concept of harmonized telecommunications services and information support system for inland navigation and its connection with other forms of transport. This concept includes systems for locating and tracking ships, the electronic navigation charts, providing information about the sailing route, as well as other services. RIS is designed as an open system available to all interested users of Inland waterways. In accordance with the development of European transport policy, the European Agency for Reconstruction chose the project full implementation of RIS in Serbia as one of the top priorities for funding from the EU pre-accession funds. Authors: Plovput experts
  GP "Mostogradnja" AD, Belgrade - Digitalization GP \"Mostogradnja\" AD ” is a project with 1.8 million euros worth budget, which should create necessary technological preconditions, which would provide increasing the competitiveness, implementation into the unique European information space, modernation of public sector services, realization of bigger productivity and better quality of the services.  Authors: Ljubomir Ćirović, Srđan Šindić, Aleksandar Rađenović, Slobodan Lazić
  Skyweb-Evans Co Ltd, Kenya Project "Developing the Outsourcing Industry in Kenyais a pioneer of the outsourcing industry in Kenya. Through our pioneering, we founded the Kenya BPO and Contact centre society. We have initiated and encouraged several entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Through our efforts, we now have an industry that has started and will employ many young women and men. It is giving the women equal opportunities. As a woman, they look up to me as a role model and are inspired. We are also doing the same in the rural areas in Kenya by setting up learning ICT centres where the young can learn how to use computers and enhance their ICT skills. Author: Gilda Odera

3. Management one Winner and two Honorable Mentions

Energosoft a.d. Novi Sad. Subject: ”Energy Trading Application (ETA)” is developed in order to manage, accelerate, improve and optimize the planning and realization of trade electricity, in the accordance with modern software technologies and development directions, considering the current legal regulations that cover this process. Authors: Energosoft a.d.
  COMLAND d.o.o. Ljubljana - Development of conference voting system in the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia, Subject: KGS Author: Damijan Kavs
MICRO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS DOO, Belgrade - MEDIANET – A COMPLETE SOFTWARE SOLUTION FOR CORE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT OF ALMA Quattro” is a software that covers the entire business of Europlakat (in Belgrade, Alma Quattro). It was developed by the the user’s request, the scope of the project is 150 man months and it has been in the real usage since January 2008. The solution has no serious competitor in Europe in the above mentioned business vertical (services, campaigns planning, network coverage and maintenance, sticking posters, contracts, etc). Authors: dr TATJANA KOVACEVIC, SRDJAN CANIC
  Mining-geological faculty of University of Belgrade, Department of applied computing and engineering system – ”COMPUTER-supported information-managing system of surface oil prospect DRMNO – Kostolac” represents an original solution of integrated computer-supported operations management system in real-time surface mine coal, including coal exploitation , mine drainage and logistic processes Author: Prof.dr Slobodan Vujić
  LINK group, Belgrade - LINK Content Management System (CMS)” offers its clients a complete system for company site development and management, as well as tools for creating contents. Link CMS is a system for effectively creating, development, delivery and contents management of Web site on the Internet, Intranet and Extranet usage alternatives, reduces cost and simplifies the construction and development of a dynamic Web site. Author: LINK group
  Viator&Vektor d.o.o. Novi Sad - The solution of WAN enerprise was based on a combination of several technical solutions of devising ways with clients’ virtualization. Depending on the technical features of the sites, Frame Relay, Wireless, GPRS, APN and ADSL technology are used. Due to limitations in order to enable more comfortable work of applications and reduce the flow of GPRS APN connections and thus cost-per-flow basis, the virtual work stations on the server in the Directorate (Novi Sad) were built, which are accessed through the Windows Remote Desktop Connection from remote location Author: graduate information engineer Miloš Kurteš, IT System Manager.
  Antamedia d.o.o. Belgrade -Antamedia HotSpot is a  Windows program package that enables the control and charge of the Internet use. It is ajusted to Internet providers, but also hotels, restaurants, airports, and all the locations where the user must enter the username and password to get Internet access. Program provides detailed statistics of the Internet usage, the URL log sites that users have visited, a very precise set of user accounts and restrictions. The program includes a complete module for payment including  the payment of credit cards. Authors: Vladan Antanasijević, Vojislav Mihailović
  X-ONT SOFTWARE LTD, Sri Lanka - Implementation of X-ONT CellMagix & Ornox Goeware is the 1st implementation of its kind in the South Asia Region for a Cellular Telecom company for the management & administration of sale of prepaid scratch cards, SIM cards & reload or top-up credit. A completely integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA) & Business Geographic Information System (GIS). We have automated over 200 sales Reps and sales territories with mobile PDA based sales force automation solution and digitally maped 25,000 retail outlets to the GIS Web Map Server. In Sri Lanka this is the 1st time a fully web based online Business GIS system has been implemented. The solution recently won the National Best Quality Software Awards, conducted by the British Computer Society. Autori: Fazeem M Farook
4. Public Services three Winners
Public Enterprise of PTT Communications Serbia, S&T, SAP, Belgrade - Implementation of SAP business-information system in the PE PTT Communications  'Serbia'- ASAP methodology has been used. The project was realized with 11 consultants from S&T company, 48 employees from PE PTT ''Serbia''. All the required modules and interfaces for migration, integration and all monitoring processes were implemented. Authors: Business-informatics team of PE PTT 'Serbia'
ČIKOM d.o.o. information engineering, Podgorica - PORTAL - E-GOVERNMENT SESSIONS OF MONTENEGRO is a completely new concept with a series of functionalities that define the complete communication with documents from the Ministries through Writing (electronic and paper) of General Secretariat of the Government to the Commission and the Government itself as the final instance of a session. In addition, it is possible to generate the session conclusions and monitor their implementation. Portals are hierarchically structured in accordance with the structure of government. Author: Petar Kapetanovic
National Employment Agency, Belgrade - 'Unique information system of the National Employment Service' is based on modern infrastructure in which all key business processes mandated from the NEA are informationally supported. The system comprises 2,300 computers, over 160 servers, as well as the entire range of CORE applications that work over the base of approximately 700 tables, over 2,500 display forms and over 800 predefined reports. Authors: Sector for information system NEA
  Telecom Srbija, Belgrade - mAdministration is an additional service to existing e-Government solutions in the municipalities. This service allows people to order via mobile phone excerpts from the registry book and pay all required taxes through mPayment of Telekom Serbia. Billing is done with DinaCard which is linked to mobile phone number of citizens. Service has been released in 4 municipalities so far, and now it is available to all citizens, who register their mobile phone numbers for mobile payment in DinaCard system in the bank. Authors: Ana Vukašinović, Natali Delić
  LANACO computers and communications, Banja Luka - Ledger register is the application for 16 courts registry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has been realized as an integral part of the Law on registration of business entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The users of applications are judges and court officials of courts registry. The application is fully balanced with the law and enables communication with the appropriate tax authorities in the aim of obtaining a unique identification number (UID). Authors: LANACO computers and communications
  Central National Library of Montenegro \"Đurđe Crnojević\", Cetinje - Virtual library of Montenegro is the system for connecting libraries in Montenegro in a unique library-information system, which allows on-line access to electronic library catalogs, information and all other library’s collections. Currently in Montenegro, there are 25 most important libraries linked in a unique library-information system, with a tendency of further increasing the number of members. Authors: Central National Library of Montenegro 'Đurđe Crnojevic'
  COMLAND d.o.o. Ljubljana - AKTRP  is a basic information support for implementation of measures for the development of the rural (agricultural) areas for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Nutrition Slovenia. Technology: Oracle, J2EE, AFD, Toplink, JDeveloper, TOAD. Authors: Vedrana Matetić, Jure Jeseničnik, Boštjan Mihorić
5. Finances one Winner and three Honorable Mentions
Siemens IT Solutions and Services d.o.o. and Dunav Insurance Company, Belgrade - Financial back office for the Danube insurance based on MySAP ERP 6.0 ”  is a completely new system, which uses the best experiences in the fields of insurance. Siemens IT Solutions and Services has made an integrated financial back office system solution based on mySAP ERP as one of the leading ERP solutions spread in banks, insurance companies and financial services providers worldwide. The Danube insurance solution presents three main modules: • Support and Integration (business transactions in the primary insurance activities and analysis) • Financial transactions (mySAP ERP) and • Financial reporting. Authors: Dunav Insurance team and Siemens IT
Jat Airways, Belgrade - Realization of credit cards payments over the Internet and Call Center  which makes Jat Airways the first Serbian company that, in collaboration with the MASSVision Belgrade (Web design) and Banca Intesa Belgrade (connection to the processor card) connected Amadeus booking engine with a possibility of travel payment with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Application has been used for billing the travel through the Call Center of Jat Airways. Authors: Jat Airways, MASSVision, Banca Intesa Beograd
SAOP, SPIN, YU SPIN, Slovenia-Šempeter / Novi Sad - ”Minimax Web application for accounting management is a completely new system on the server in Ljubljana, which is used by the users all over Slovenia over the Internet. There are currently several localizations, and the Serbian is among them. Programming has been performed in Serbia in Novi Sad, while the designing has been performed in Slovenia. Authors: Marjan Mrhar, Vojko Lozej, Matevž Jenko
  Europoint Systems d.o.o. Belgrade - ” QuoteStation  is an unique application, which provides an opportunity for following-up data from the stock markets live, and giving electronic accounts (e-Trading). This is an application that allows access to data of all the regional stock exchanges of Southeast Europe in the real time. QuoteStation offers the users all the necessary tools for making investment decisions: price movement of securities, buying and selling accounts, advanced portfolio, business and economic news, charts, market depth, historical data and many others. Authors: Europoint Systems doo Belgrade
  DDOR Novi Sad a.d.o.- Transition from mainframe platform - From COBOL and IDMSX network DBMS has been passed to the PL / SQL and Oracle 10g RDBMS. This is done with own efforts without the engaging anybody’s help. The migration of data has been done, around 1800 PL / SQL procedures with about 200,000 lines of code have been written tested. More than 250 Java programs for reports, and more than 60 Java programs for queries with about 1800 components (classes, pages, etc) have been done . Authors:  DDOR Team
  The National Bank of Serbia, Information technology, Belgrade - BILPO – System for processing and presentation of banks’ financial data has been performing the reception, control, processing and presentation of data about the placement status and structure, claims and liabilities of banks. It is related to the implementation of recent changes in accounting regulations of commercial banks and reporting obligations according to the NBS. The system includes 6 modules: from XML communication in the mathematical sense of control and validity, the definition of logical rules, of balance, control of banks’ business, monetary system and policies, up to 6 USSPO generating reports.  Authors: IT NBS team (Biljana Ribić, Milan Knežević, Anđelka Todosijević, Nataša Pucanović, Gordana Mihailović)
  Energoprojekt-Energodata , Belgrade - ” Business web application - new technologies” downloads, creates and fprwards the tax applications to Center for large taxpayers. Data on tax download from the existing financial systems, creating the cumulative tax application and their correction within the system itself according to the workflow principle. Authors: Zorica Red-Odalović, Snezana Mitic, Ivan Kapicic
6. Healthcare one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
Ministry of Health of Serbia and European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR), Belgrade " Development of health information system for primary health care and pharmaceutical services " Subject: E-health system related documentation (EHR) or Health Book provides gathering (from health care institutions and patients) of clinical data and those related to the health of a person, as well as everyday, permanent presentation of the data accordingly to the European EHR standards on interoperability as well as privacy and sefety of them. Authors: Eurohealth  Denmark as project holder, Infonet Slovenija, Siemens IT solutions Srbija, Telekom Srbija, Belit d.o.o.
DIYOMI SOFT d.o.o. Niš - Medical information system of Special hospital Gamzigrad is the latest in a series of information systems made for spa centers in Serbia. It is made in the latest dot-NET techology with the usage of AJAX, whick makes the system more modern. Authors: employees of Diyomi Soft
General Hospital Šabac -Treatment of infective medical waste in hospital was finished this year based on the project of the Ministry of Health of Serbia and the European Agency for Reconstruction in the General Hospital in Sabac. Drive is connected to the information system of the facility, which enables the monitoring of all working parameters. With the bar code reader, information about the type of medical waste, type, the institution it came from, services and places where it is being collected are entered. This way the General Hospital Sabac became the first medical institution in Serbia, which conducted this project. Authors: prim. dr. Goran Maletic, Eng. Aleksandar Martinovic, vst Natasa Rakic graduated. eng. Danijela Markovic
  MD&PROFY d.o.o. Belgrade - Medmail project is a portal that allows the extension of the existing Core medical applications on the web and allows patients and doctors to interact through the Internet. It supports full communication in the field of scheduling, e-consultations, e-recipes, control and measurement of basic health care settings with built reports and alerts for the same. It is made in Java environment with GUI technology Open Laszlo. Authors: Dragan Aleksic, Vladimir Marun
  Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia, Belgrade - ” e-Classrom of Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia is the program for continuing education of pharmacists that they, at any time, at their workplace or at home, get points for obtaining and renewal of licenses. Each package is unique and has its own period of availability at any time and from any computer. Results are automatically sent to tutor and the Accociation Authors: Mr. sci. Gold Žuvela, Dragana Sovtić, B. Sc. farm. spec. Sc. eng. Suzana Linić
  MAG INFORMATIKA, Zagreb - Application Poliklinika is a software for specialistic - conzilium protection. It follows the business procces for receiving the patient, from entering the waiting room to paying and issuing the bills for examinations performed. With the application comes a certain amount of data already registered, which enables quick start of actual applications usage. Given the various types of specialized office, and Public Hospital, this program is completely adaptable to all requirements of doctors. Author: Miroslav Milak
7. Education one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
e-fusion pvt ltd, Sri Lanka, - Shilpa Sayura Project means Sea of Knowledge, Designed to Empower Marginalized Students in Remote, Rural communities to improve their self learning capacity with local language digital learning to prepare for National Examinations. Shilpa Sayura is a multi stakeholder in the government and private sector, providing interactive means of Learning. Local language and Technology Innovation, Serving the Grass Roots and impact make Shilpa Sayura an excellent project. Within three years, Shilpa Sayura has created major impact in tele center communities providing an alternative mean for rural education. Winner of Stockholm Challange 2008, i4D award at India 2007 Authors: Niranjan Meegammana, Yamuna Ratnayake, Gamini Chamara
Economic Faculty of Subotica - Students’ education by ECDL standard since October 2005. The Economics Faculty of Subotica has been certificating the students in the field of information technology by European standards ECDL. The process of certification have passed about 2,300 students, which placed Test Center of Economics Faculty of Subotica in the group of the biggest test centers in the Republic of Serbia. Education by ECDL standard enables students to acquire knowledge while teaching that increase productivity in the business where computer support is used. Authors: Prof.Dr. Jovica Đurković, Predrag Matković, Vuk Vuković, Nebojša Taušan
European Business School "Milutin Milanković", Belgrade - ” SCHOOL INFORMATION SYSTEM \"SKOLINS\ includes almost all school-related matters from the students' records, where are noted, besides marks, their physical abilities and health condition. The system also obtains educational contents - the preparation of teachers and some multimedia presentations as well as through the web site all the events in school, from classroom to hall and also the entire range of forums. Authors: Nikola Tesla, Zdravko Draganović
  Primary School Koroška Bela, Jesenice  - DIGITAL EVOLUTION DURING KOD PRODUCTION iUrnik – is a software robot to who we must ensure a minimum 30% of required input data. It provides practically useful schedule of classes with all the necessary relations among students, teachers, subjects and departments. The evolution of schedule is simulated on a computer. Over 60 primary and secondary schools in Slovenia use iUrnik for writing their schedule. Author: Bozena Oblak
  Belgrade University - ” ELISA”  is the system of E-education for improving the availability of the information society to small and medium enterprises in Southeast Europe. The aim is to imrove in the acceptance of e-business and e-business tools to promote their products and services, as well as access to information society and adapt to new markets. Author: Milan Kuželka
  Devatron South Africa, -”Fully automated open source testing system for ECDL/ICDL”, called NEO ATES for all ECDL/ICDL syllabus modules. The ATS is unique because it tests both Linux and Windows, and it tests the Open Office applications (Writer, Calc, Impress and Base) on both Linux and Windows operations. It is a multi-platform product and can be deployed from either a Linux or Windows platform and testing can take place through any Java-compliant Browser. Autori: David Bierman & James La Guma
  Economic Trade School Požarevac -” Control of data input in excel” is carried out through three steps: prevention of input data that does not meet the condition, alert that entered data are irregular and providing information that irregular value has been entered. Author: Suzana Pavlović Stojadinović
8. Services one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
DELTA SPORT, Belgrade Subject: DS Retail is widely distributed retail software system coordinated with the actual needs of companies, users’ requirements and modern standards. Is a combination of many years of experience and the most modern information trends and technologies. Author: Bojan Jovičić
  Telecom Serbia (mt:s), Belgrade - GPRS system - Observer was developed in cooperation of Mobile Telephony of Serbia and MTC company. This service enhances company business through the precise analysis of working hours, employees’ positions and calculating their earnings. GPRS system Observer reads data from the ID cards, then through the mobile network mt: s sends them to the central server. On the basis of collected data, the device automatically generates and sends 20 different reports on employers’ e-mail addresses. Authors: Denver Miletic and Vladimir Čančarević
Kota Klima d.o.o, Belgrade - Program package VirgSoft is an innovation in the process of making news. Advantage over the other iways is that it includes all the procedures necessary for the production of news, with continuous adjustment to the needs of broadest number of editorial boards regardless whether it is electronic or printed media. With different levels of access, the confidentiality of business and the scope of the campaign of individual holder are protected, and statistical and analytical information are obtained with search through the selected period. Authors: Vladimir Jovanovic, Rada Bujić, Goran Bujić
  SuperDot, Belgrade - AccrediNet Online event accreditation software is a flexible and scalable on-line software used for applications management, accreditation, students’ accommodation and transportation of any event. It was used in three World University Championships, EUSA General Assembly and the Executive Committee of FISU. Software can work on any computer that has Internet connection and web browser can create different reports as well as the use of a database of all previous events Authors: Uglješa Vrcelj, Darko Matutinović, Igor Černiševski, Nevena Drobnjak
  Procom d.o.o. Tuzla -Integrated hotel information system includes programming solution for hotels and restaurants business, web reservations, intelligent rooms, Internet access, VoIP. Author: Mr. Muhdin Mujačić, dipl.ing.el
  VIP Fond, Novi Sad -VIPIS – Information system of Fund to support investment in Vojvodina is intended for monitoring and management of agencies to attract foreign direct investment. In addition to access for internal users, there is an access to external users (representatives of municipalities, investors). Authors: Milan Šolaja (VIP), Dragan Vasic (TIAC)
  Electronic business d.o.o., Belgrade-POSLOVNABERZA.com is a solution to improve e-business set on the basis of supply and demand. The tendency is to integrate in the Internet Society through connect with other Internet subjects on a commercial basis. Customer accounts are free and they offer the possibility of publishing projects. Author: Marinko Uzelac

9. Web Achievements one Winner

LANACO computers and communications, Banja Luka - ”Portal of Government of the Republic of Serbian is a web solution based on the platform ofMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server (SMES) that allows citizens to obtain information related to public administration, business subjects and potential investors. It presents the opportunities related to business in the Republic of Serbian, provides information on all activities of the Government and all ministries and agencies. Portal consists of about 2000 pages and 600 services Authors: LANACO computers and communications
  Plotun d.o.o. Kruševac - Donesi.com - address www.donesi.com - Internet servis for ordering food for home delivery” allows automated standardized two-way communication among the restaurants that offer Home delivery of food and customers. Communication is done automatically, with the use of web technology and GPRS. There are currently over 60 restaurants and about 9,000 customers in the system. Donesi.com is present in the markets of Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banja Luka) Author: John Zirojević
  Association of citizens "Zenit", Senta - Internet portal: http://www.senta.org has been done with striving to build a community of non-linked citizens, who live in Senta, or any place of our planet. Portal is bilingual in English and in Hungarian. Author: Nandor Križan
  Organization for Tourism, Culture and Sport, Sokobanja - Official presentation of Sokobanja (www.sokobanja.org.yu) ” has been set with the aim to promote tourist product Sokobanja and tourist information on current events and tourist offer details. The presentation contains information on attractive tourist sites, current data on important institutions, enterprises, facilities and events and everything important in the tourist offer Authors: Mr Milan Zdravković, Ljubinko Milenković
  EDGE d.o.o. Belgrade - EDGE Webinar allows the holding of interactive lectures LIVE for the tens or hundreds of people using the Internet technology. In this way, those interested can listen to quality lectures of the top experts, with huge savings in time and resources. www.edgewebinar.com/demo.php  Author: Nenad Paunović
  WEBINAR D.O.O, Novi Sad - Webinar allows passing the knowledge by lecturing broadcasted live via the Internet, where all students have the opportunity to communicate with teacher, ask questions, participate in surveys and take the following material that enables them independent work. The application allows them to watch the seminars live and interact with speakers, each seminar is automatically recorded in the database, which enables watching of the seminar later, after the lecture. Authors: Darko Šolar, Zoran Beronja, Tihomir Leka, Leka Predrag, Dejan Grubor.
  Krojač d.o.o, Belgrade - www.SuveniriSrbije.com is the domestic online souvenir shop, which assambles more than 480 manufacturers of souvenirs and old craftsmen from all over Serbia. In a year, 13,000 souvenirs have been presented in the market. The first free info service for improving business of the old craftsmen and souvenir manufacturers started. Author: Krojač Ltd.



Special Awards

(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

ICT Expert meetings
TELFOR, Belgrade
  INFOTEH, Vrnjačka banja
  SEITA, Ohrid
  ARHIVINFO, Zlatibor
ICT radio i TV Shows

LIVE e-TV, Internet television

  DIGITALNE IKONE - Radio Belgrade II programme
  INTERFJS - TV Belgrade II programme
  ENTERNET - TV1, Skopje
  ICT Plus - Vanya Production
  ZAIR – Radio Beotel and Top FM radio
ICT Publishing

Mikroknjiga, Belgrade – Micro PC World magazine

Mobinet, Grosuplje - MOBINET magazine
  Citadela, Ljubljana - Digital edition - eDition®
  PC Press, Belgrade - PC PRESS magazine
  SOHO GRAPH, Belgrade - 17 computer hand-books from "Learn how to use" series
  Internet ogledalo, Zemun - INTERNET OGLEDALO magazine
  Hydra & Co, Ljubljana - AVTOMATIKA magazine
ICT Foreign Partners


DISKOBOLOS 2008 - Jury  

- Niko Schlamberger – President of Council of European Professional Informatics Societies, Brussels
- Prof. dr. Olivera Stanković – Representative of European economic, trade and industry chamber
- Marijan Frković – Economic Chamber of Croatia
- Mensura Beganović – IT Association of BiH
- Mojca Osojnik Slovenian Chamber of Commerce
- Sofija Jovanovska - Agency for electronic communications Macedonia
- Stevan Ljumović – President of IT Association Montenegro  

- Mr Nebojša Vasiljević - Assistant Minister for the information society of Serbia
- Prim. dr. Elizabet Paunović - Assistant Minister of Health of Serbia
- Prof. dr. Dragan Domazet – Advisor to the Minister for Science and Technology

- Saša Pivalica - Advisor to the Minister for Public Administration and Local Self-Government
- Marija Đermanović - Senior Advisor to the Ministry of telecommunications and information society
- Slobodan Karanović - Belgrade Institute for Statistics, Belgrade

- Dragan Nikolić - Electric Power Industry of Serbia
- Nikola Marković – President of DIS, Belgrade
- Slobodan Krstić - Jugoimport SDPR, Belgrade
- mr Dragan Marinković - YUADM Associations, Belgrade
- mr Čedomir Milenković - Institute Mihajlo Pupin, Belgrade
- Vesna Pudar - Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade
- Prof. dr. Stevica Graovac -  University of Electrical Engineering Belgrade
- Prof. dr. Svetozar Pervulov - KBC Zvezdara, Belgrade
- mr Milinka Prohić - SAGA, Belgrade
- Miroslav Petrović - President of the board of directors association ARHIV INFO, Belgrade
- Prof. Dr. Edita Kastratović - dean of Faculty of Management in Sport

photo album DISKOBOLOS 2008

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