2009 Union of ICT Societies of Serbia

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- Belgian, Czech, German, Romanian and Hungarian achievements awarded for the first time!


DELTA SPORT, Masinoprojekt, PTT Serbia, ING PRO, Republic Institute for Statistics, Belgrade Business School, Smart, CPU, Lanaco Banja Luka, general Hospital Sabac, Jadran informatika and MG Rijeka stood out.

At the closing awarding ceremony held in Hotel Continental Belgrade on 22 December 2009, international recognition Diskobolos was assigned to this year’s highest quality solutions in ICT usage in almost all spheres of economy and non-economy. As Diskobolos has acquired European image more than ever before, it was logical that the representative of the European Assembly of ICT Professionals open this ceremony. The former president of CEPIS, Mr. Niko Schlamberger stressed his pleasure that, besides numerous chairmen of ICT associations from many European countries, he personally participated in the work of the Diskobolos jury for the third time, and a pleasure that many Western European countries attended Diskobolos, which makes it more prestigious recognition not only in the region but also in Europe.

Djordje Dukic, president of JISA, Union of ICT Societies of Serbia, gave a welcome lecture in tribute to the 15th anniversary of organizing Diskobolos, stressing the fact that this recognition is awarded for positive experiences in applying information and communication technologies, which makes it referential and gives examples how modern information and communication technologies should be used.

Diskobolos curiosity this year was that jury had 15 applications from other European countries apart from the usual candidates from the ex-Yugoslav countries. Unfortunately, from 159 applications, jury could not overcome limits and about one-third had to be eliminated from selection for shortlist, i.e. this year’s nominations.

This already exquisite ceremony was completed by brilliantly performance of our famous artists: Lane Gutovic, Srdjan Jovanovic, Milena Vasic, ballerinas of Terazije Theater and Cutura, YU rock legend.

There were three hundred honored guests at Diskobolos awarding ceremony who could review chosen papers through short video presentations. Displayed works had such a quality that the jury had a very difficult task to choose the winners in a certain category, which certainly does not diminish the importance of those who were not lucky enough to be especially prominent this year.


Principal Awards

(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)
1. Production one Winner and two Honorable Mentions


LANACO, Banja Luka - Information systems for registration, billing and charging delivered heat - produced for needs of company Toplana Banja Luka, and allows logging of users, energy consumption, invoices, payments, bonification approvals, etc.  Author: LANACO information technologies
MG-Rijeka, Rijeka – Computer system "MG-SVAM" - Computer system and software for fire fighting vehicles. Tach screen control of quantity and funds expenditure for fire extinguishing during intervention, transfer in dispatching center and vehicle tracking by GPRS. Possibility of remote-controlled pumps and motors up to 50 meters distance. Author: Davor Hren
SIVECO Romania SA, Bucharest – AeL eContent - is a product of an interactive training applied with 7 million users on 192,000 computers and in 14,000 schools in Romania. It received several international awards: World Summit Award 2005, The International Project Excellence Awards 2007, European IT Excellence Award 2008... Author: SIVECO Romania
  ASPEKT System Integration, Belgrade – Automated Parking – managing the ramps, signalization, charging, with options BarCode Ticket or contactless cards, with fiscal and non-fiscal bills, automatic acquisition of images at entrance and exit, keeping ramp reports. Authors: Vesna Radisavljevic, Nebojsa Lalic, Vanja Satara
  LAMA d.o.o, Split – IPNAS - Intelligent Fire Protection Supervising System - used for early detection of fire in the open, based on analysis of images recorded by video cameras in the visible, infrared and near IR part of spectrum. Authors: LAMA d.o.o. and Dr.Sc. Darko Stipanicev
  Telekomunikacije RS, Banja Luka - Atmospheric electrical discharge and overvoltage protection: The intensity of atmospheric discharges towards Radio Relay infrastructure and base stations is significantly higher than towards other nearby objects. Modern solutions for overvoltage protection are built-in by independent work.  Author: Paripovic Milan
  Micro Business Solutions d.o.o, Belgrade - Kolibri - A new family of software products for field teams - service and services in the field, ordering, goods distribution, delivery, market research, sales, inventory and acquisition of any data with PDAs. Author: Micro Business Solutions d.o.o
  Plusb, Niš - PLUSBMS AND RKEEPER – Rkeeper information system and hardware of the Russian manufacturers UCS is a unique product for usage in restaurants, from order to financial results. Authors: UCS and PLUSB
  Telix d.o.o, Novi Sad – Radar for measuring the vehicle speed and recording traffic violations - a product for the police for recording speeding and other traffic violations with software package for result analysis. Authors: Milos Kovacevic, Zoran Kovacevic, Boban Mihajlovic
  NEOTEL, SkopljeConstruction and implementation of WiMAX network in Macedonia - 30 base stations in major cities have been set, which are connected through combined optical and wireless networks. The entire system is of commercial nature and the built-in equipment is by known Israeli manufacturer ALVARION. Authors: Trajce Cerepnalkovski, CEO Neotel
2. Project one Winner and one Honorable Mentions
Mašinoprojekt KOPRING, Belgrade - Telecommunication computer system for complex of objects of Public Enterprise "Electric Power Industry of Serbia" and the Economic Society of electricity distribution Ltd. in block 20 in New Belgrade - it has applied the latest technology of telecommunications computer systems based on TCP/IP protocol and the basic standards of the group IEEE802 .1, IEEE 802.3 and IEEE802.11. Author: Ljiljana Dodic
Mikrografija Sarajevo - Project KODIFELallows the conversion to digital format and electronic processing of residual municipal cases in the Municipal Court of Sarajevo that in early 2009 had approximately 1,000,000 cases pending utility. For 12 months results of the project are: automated enforcement proceedings, and savings of approx. 5 million. Authors: Dusan Spajzar, Mike Perisic
  IB-PROCADD d.o.o, Ljubljana – CADdy++ - intuitive and versatile CAD program equipment for fast and efficient preparation of electro-technical documentation SEE Electrical / Caddy ++. It consists of numerous modules, which enable fast designing, cart construction and modification, automatic naming of components and equipotentials. Author: Andrej Oresnik
  Energosoft a.d Novi SadInformation Infrastructure Development Strategy TE KO Kostolac – which analyzed all aspects of ICT infrastructure TE KO Costal, current state and suggestions for further improvement of the infrastructure from the aspects of securing business continuity TE KO Costal. Authors: Slavko Dubackic M.Sc.ECE, Branislav Belic graduated engineer, Mirosalv Bikila graduated engineer, Milivoje Scekic graduated engineer.
  3Dsvet, Belgrade – By project of Traffic Institute CIP Belgrade, designed Model of Avala tower made by modern 3D technology for participating in constructing presentation. 3Dsvet, SZTR Miljenovic Zoran, Belgrade - Digitization of production (from 3D design, through 3Dprototype, to product) - In cooperation with design company Insomnia by 3D drawings or files, we created in 3D printer a prototype of bottles in which IMLEK now pack new product, milk "WHITE". 3D printing bottle much easier decision-making about the choice of packaging, as well as creating tools for making bottles on CNC machine ... Authors: Zoran and Vladimir Miljenovic, Slobodan Todorovic
  AGtim, Niš - NormAG 2010 – designed the software for leveling works and production of technical documentation in the construction. Software is connected to project management programs and external price lists of resources. Authors: Aleksandar Manic and Martin Jeremic
  The VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade – Project “Hand in Pastry", http://rukautestu.vinca.rs - adapted for the Serbian-speaking territory based on the same French project, and is designed to help instructors, scientists and institutions trying to realize the scientific content in primary education. Author: Stevan Jokic
  Melany Team d.o.o, Batajnica – Designed managing software “Balans” for managing all the company resources. Basic features are ease of use, fast implementation, working with projects... Author: Milan Oparnica
  SAM Projekt Biro and IT Production, Belgrade – designed Quickker software to create questionnaires. Users Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade, Clinical Center of Serbia and iFront Internet Conference... Authors: Ivan Trajkovic and Ivana Trajkovic

3. Management one Winner and one Honorable Mentions

Smart, Novi Sad - Smart ElPis 2009 – electronic registryis a system for documentation management with simple coverage, automatic distribution and internal delivery. In compliance with quality system and laws, based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Author: Smart doo
Expert d.o.o, Požarevac - ABS – Bus Station - is the program support in bus station business management, the planning and monitoring drivers' disposition, keeping records of bus arrivals and departures, as well as monitoring performance of buses, drivers and other staff. Author: Dragan Milovanovic
  Megatrend a.d. NišHotel Information System – HIS - is a modern software solution covering all aspects of accommodation capacities management: sales, reservations, reception, e-booking, management... in different types of hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, hostels and apartment settlements. Author: Megatrend development team
  Viator&Vektor Novi Sad d.o.o. Novi Sad - JCI client - operation of customs brokerage department and submitting electronic documents to Customs Administration - Three-layer applications for managing Department of customs brokerage shipping sector, processing, and electronic submission of single customs document to Customs Administration through rented digital WAN links from companies in the Republic Serbia. Authors: M.Sc. Milos Kurtes, Zoltan Hubai
  Partner EXPER, Zemun – Expert System OKED®/GEEQ(S) based on systematic quality approach. It measures effectiveness and efficiency coefficients according to international standard ISO 9000:2000. Authors: Sead Salihbegovic and Branimir Djuricic
  YUTRO.com, Belgrade - Enthusio™ MSP - is ICT servis for proactive maintenance. It supervises all ICT resources with IP address and system software. It provides several system services, implemented at Teacher training Faculty in Belgrade and is a typical example of the world trend Cloud computing. Author: Sasa Milasinovic
  Citadela d.o.o, Ljubljana - eDition® Digital Publishing Platform is the information system for production management, publishing, distribution and sale of digital editions. It contains designer tools, automatic sorting of editions, publishing on the Internet, automatic indexing... Author: Citadel team
  LANACO information technologies, Banja Luka - The system for issuing biometric passports in BiH - as one of the set conditions of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to achieve visa-free regime and joining the European Union. The system manages everything, from submission of requests, acquisition, to testing. Author: LANACO Information Technologies
  National Library of Serbia, Belgrade – KoBSON Procurement and Service Management in order to rationalize the investment in the purchase of journals and providing full comfort to a user. Provides customers more than 35.000 foreign scientific journals in electronic or paper form and this number is continually increasing. Authors: Biljana Kosanovic and others
  Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Podgorica - Expert system for improving organizational performance based on management system - combines manufacturing and service organizations, and establishes their readiness and capacity. Makes recommendations for improving organizational performances. The system is based on unique data collected from over 500 companies in Serbia and Montenegro. Author: Doc. Dr. Aleksandar Vujovic
4. Public Services one Winner and three Honorable Mentions
Public Enterprise PTT "Serbia", Belgrade - Qualified Electronic Certificates of the Certification Body Post- are the standard X.509 version 3 certificates used to create and verify electronic signature that has the same legal effect as a personal signature, in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Serbia and the European Directive 1999/93/EC on electronic signature. PTT thus enabled significant benefits in the work of Tax Administration, banks and insurance companies. Author: Project Team-Public Enterprise PTT "Serbia"
USP-Consulting, Munich - MRM - Marketing Resource Management and WFP - Work Force Planning - software for optimization of social events as a new tool of Marketing Resource Management (MRM), which enables better planning, monitoring, automated reminders, etc. Author: USP Consulting
The Agency for Information Society of the Republic of Serbian, Banja Luka - eSrpska, is a portal of public and state administration of the Republic of Serbian, which is a long-term project of the Agency and the Government of the RS, designed as a place where users of services of public administration could find accurate and reliable information using the Internet. Authors: Agency for Information Society of the Republic of Serbian and company Lanaco doo Banja Luka
Executive Council of AP Vojvodina, Service for general and joint affairs of provincial institutions, Novi Sad –implemented training and certification for more than half of its employees in the past year. For introducing candidates into training and ECDL certification, a special system of eLearning was created for self-learning which significantly shortens the time required for these tasks. Author: mr Milan Paroski
  e fusion pvt limited, Gangodawila, Sri Lanka - Project E3 is a public partnership for developing telecenter network as a social impact on the rural population to increase economic stability and improve social services. Segments of computer literacy, regional agriculture, culture and environment are significantly improved. Authors: Niranjan Meegammana, Gamini Chamara, Rasika Sampth, Suranga Sampath, Murali Krishna 
  BCS, Swindon, Great Britain-Providing Social Inclusion for IT Users in the United Kingdom - Great Britain pays significant attention to social inclusion. BCS Institute has conducted IT qualifications for people with disabilities using the latest information technologies and ECDL license.
: Derek Mills and Wilf Voss
  Croatian State Archives Zagreb and Avicenna Software Ltd. Split - ARHiNET - national archive information system of Croatia - for processing and presentation of archives content of creators of Croatia. ARHiNET competed on the European Commission for 2009 and received recognition in the electronic administration of Europen eGoverment Awards Good Practice label and thus added to the catalog of ePractice.eu project. It was identified and implemented through a pilot project in the Republic of Montenegro and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Authors: Croatian State Archives and Avicenna Software Ltd.
  Prokoway Ltd, Safety and Health at Work Association, Belgrade - LatiPRO is a package for doing business in the field of safety and health at work, in working environment and fire protection. Authors: Dusan S. Dragosavljevic, mr Miodrag Sekulic, Rade Jankovic, B. Sc. Eng.
  LANACO Information Technologies, Banja Luka - Economic Register – as a unique database on business entities with information on their legal, economic and financial indicators that the Republic of Serbian Chamber of Commerce collects, processes and forwards to users. The system was implemented on Microsoft SQL Server platform. Author: LANACO Information Technologies
  Abies Net, Belgrade – Web TV - is a symbiotic system realized with the web sites of media, sports organizations, internet portals, production companies, etc. It gathers over 380,000 unique visitors a month and notes about 4,500,000 page views. The system is spreading daily, which proves its high social justification. Author: Predrag Vukovic
5. Finances one Winner and one Honorable Mentions
Delta Sport, Belgrade - Large ERP jump - from version 3 to version 5 (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009) – in 2009, Delta Sport did the epic venture into the world of ERP system by upgrading from version 3 to version 5 of Microsoft's main ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009) used in all areas of its business in the region. This project was chosen by Microsoft as the best case study in competition with 37 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The time when the business was blocked due to the implementation of this operation in production was less than a weekend. Authors: Bojan Jovicic, Nemanja Vrndic, Dusan Brdar, Borivoje Jankovic
Guarantee Fund of Vojvodina, Novi Sad - Unique eGovernment access point – is a model of semantic composition-oriented technologies and SOA. Creating a service interface enabled communication among machines that allows automated access and usage of public services. Author: Sasa Arsovski

Plan S, Ljubljana - WebLineOffice – Terminal with videoconference that enables remote communication and teller business with bank. The company gets bigger business possibilities with more branch offices for lower cost, while customers have service at their fingertips. Author: Peter Kastelic

  Telekom Serbia, Belgrade - Mobile Money Transfer - in cooperation with Piraeus Bank, the company Lanus and supported by the National Bank of Serbia, Telekom has offered its customers a mobile money transfer service in DinaCard system. By sending a single SMS message customer can pay money from theirs to arbitrary DinaCard, with mandatory authentication by their mPIN code. Authors: Ana Komnenovic, Mirjana Ziropadja
  Bankom Ltd, Zemun - ERPBankom - enables recording all business rules and events defined in order to gain operational information and information necessary for economic management, cost-effective management of the company, competition relationship, price and service strategy forming. Authors: Borka Vulesic, Srdjan Djoric, Ana Vuletic, Jovana Rajkov
  Micro Business Solutions doo Belgrade - Enterprise Service Center - ESC is a complete information system for companies that are engaged in services in the field. It consists of ERP functionalities, including accounting, sales, purchasing, treasury, storehouse operations... Author: Micro Business Solutions doo
  Solarius doo, Novi Sad - Startup Business Package – is a software package of programs and knowledge necessary for entrepreneurs with accounting software and CRM system for the efficient commercial, sales, marketing... Author: Darko Solar
  DM GmbH, Kragujevac - Lobo-arc implementation in Credit Agricole Serbia Bank - 80 server applications in a single network - proxy environment. Lobo archive server applications are located in the Bank's branches and headquarters. Local work in branches with delayed forwarding to the headquarters provides security and proper performance. Author: Zoran Lazarevic
  Intens Ltd, Novi Sad - Financial Assistant - is a portal for on-line test for business ideas and business plans. It is designed for companies and entrepreneurs investing in the expansion and development of existing or new activities. Finished business plan can be downloaded in PDF or RTF formats, and the system registers a user with any entry in the program. Author: Svjetlana Azaric
6. Healthcare one Winner and three Honorable Mentions
General Hospital Sabac, Sabac – Application of Information technologies in preventing cardiovascular diseases - using device CG6108ACT on a patient and with the help of an integrated mobile phone and information system of the General Hospital Sabac transmits ECG data from the device on the patient to hospital without the patient’s coming to a doctor. Authors: prim.dr. Goran Maletic, doc.dr. Nevena Karanovic, prim.dr. Nada Panic Jelic, ing.el. Aleksandar Martinovic, vmt Milan Stanisic
Adriatic Informatics Ltd, Rijeka - FIPS - Pharmaceutical Integrated Business System is a modern program solution which provides a range of advantages in pharmacy business. Ordering drugs and goods based on consumption, minimal supplies, recording cash register defector... Author: Adriatic Information Ltd
Adriatic Galenic Laboratory dd Rijeka - Project EPMS (Enterprise Project Management System) - Implementation of SW and HW platforms for supporting the management and analysis of projects of this pharmaceutical companies working on 23 international markets, as well as a complete reporting system in real time on status of all ongoing projects at corporate level. It received "ICT-GOLD" national award for best implementation of information and communication technologies in the Republic of Croatia. Authors: Aleksandar Cvetkovski, Drazen Kostelac
Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana - On-line data exchange on healthcare insurance using a smart card and IJK - In Slovenia, a national project is ending that constantly connects on-line all health service providers to health insurance companies. Authors: Anka Bolka, Tomaz Marcun, Marjan Suselj
  NETcom, Kovin - System for data acquisition in pharmaceutical industry Panet-1 - is intended for data collection from in-process devices, which are used in technological process of drug manufacturing. Data are collected from different types of devices then by appropriate protocol, communication is made and an acquisition is achieved. Authors: Jovan Ilic, Franja Zdimirovic
  Medica Systems & Products, Nis - 3DCT Cone Beam Volumetric Tomograph - is a computerized tomograph for head bone, small, easy handling, low radiation level, completely made in Serbia. Author: Medica Systems & Products team
  LANACO Information Technologies, Banja Luka - Business Intelligence system of the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbian is a set of methodologies and software tools that allow the use of data from data storage and their transformation into information necessary to improve making operative, strategic and tactical business decisions. Author: LANACO Information Technologies
  DIYOMI SOFT doo, Nis - Medical Information System of Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases Clinical Center of Nis – being applied since May 2009 as the first information system of its kind in Serbia. By its characteristics from the aspects of technology and usability during cardiovascular interventions, this system attracts the attention of experts in Serbia. Author: DIYOMI SOFT doo Nis
  E-Smart Systems doo, Belgrade - CEH system – is a software system for keeping history of disease, surgical treatment, monitoring and statistical analysis of data on patients operated benign and malignant diseases of endocrine organs in the Center for Endocrine Surgery. Authors: Mirna Kojic Veljovic, Marija Bogdanović, Dejan Todorovic and Milos Ciprijanovic
7. Education one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
Belgrade Business School-High School of Professional Studies, Belgrade - Business Intelligence as a measuring process tool - implemented the project of processing data from the transactional database Student services that contains information on studies in the last 14 years. In tool Integration Services ETL packages were created and Analysis Services were used to support business data analysis and delivery of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) functionality in the applications of business intelligence. Authors: Dusan Davidovac, mr Dusan Ljubicic, mr Dusan Markovic, mr Nenad Markovic, mr. Rade Matic
Telekom Serbia, Belgrade - Action Education - Pride of Telekom Serbia is the initiation of action e-ducation. Many schools in Serbia did not have computers or Internet access. Telecom has provided technical and logistical support and encouraged other donors to contribute and also provided 650 computers in 95 schools in Serbia. Author: Telekom Serbia
  WDF - Web Design Factory, Prague, Czech Republic - EDU Glogster is the application on Web 2.0 platform with easy-to-use that provides students learning opportunities through fun, by exchanging their creations, interactive posters and the like in a safe environment controlled directly by teachers. Author: WDF team
  INFO TIME doo, Belgrade - School electronic diary - Internet school diary is a software package running on server and as such requires absolutely no installation or costs. The program is on the web site and can be accessed at any time from anywhere. The data are protected by encryption and are available to anyone other than authorized persons. Author: Vesna Nikolic
  Agency for Education "Filipović" FB SOFT, Jagodina - Using multimedia resources in teaching – Education of teachers of class and subject teaching in elementary and secondary schools to work on computer. Acquisition of practical knowledge and skills that will help teachers better understand and implementation of educational content. Authors: Bratislav Filipovic, Predrag Stevanovic
  Computer Camp, Novi Sad - the first summer computer camp for children in Serbia - Education of children in the field of programming and security on the Internet. Authors: Radoslava Konjevic i Teodor Konjevic
  Technical School Uzice, E-Knowledge - Portal of Technical School Uzice - aims to take advantage of ICTand the Internet as a communication channel in order to improve teaching methods and resources. The project is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Sports Republic of Serbia financed by the European Union. Authors: A group of teachers of Technical School and team from the company Veza O.D.
  Chiron, Belgrade - Specific professional education in the field of 3D animation and special effects - School Chiron is successful in educating people of all generations in the field of 3D animation, visualization and computer-generated special effects. The school has a certificate for Program Autodesk Maya. This year, USAID Serbia also helps faster expansion and promotion of these efforts. Author: Pedja Bakic
  Association of Vojvodina Hungarians for Adult Education, Backa Topola - Online educational program "Entrepreneurship on the Internet" – is a result of intensive development activities, in both Serbian and Hungarian languages. The program effectively contributes to acquisition of contemporary knowledge and entrepreneurial skills, possibilities of the Internet. Authors: Andras Verbasi and Alfred Nadj
  Div Soft d.o.o,  Zrenjanin Fidija Project, Belgrade – My School – e-Diary – WEB-oriented project, enables  users to access school-related data online any time anywhere. In addition to web data access, parents can access SMS service for receiving messages about success, absence, and other information on their child. Authors: Gordana Divjak, Marina Rakic
  Galileo Information Technology, Belgrade - Galis information system for music and ballet schools – is based on program Mscomp, implementation specificities in work and running music school, accessing the portal and managing schools over the Internet. Access rights are defined by user accounts. Author: Nebojsa Obradovic
8. Services one Winner and three Honorable Mentions
Republic Institute for Statistics, Belgrade - Statistical applications for monitoring trends in the service sector - enables efficient operation of Service Sector of the Ministry of Trade and services due to the direct access to clean database with the most important statistical indicators. This connects all relevant entities in the service sector into a single information system, according to European standards, and insight into the trends on a daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis and networking of all relevant entities. Authors: Dr. Miroljub Kostic, mr Jelena Milojković, Olja Music, Nada Delic, Gordana Zikic, Nada Vujnovic
e-Forum, Brussels, Belgium - Fully Automated Secure Transaction Services (FAST) - FASTeTEN – is a project supported by the European Commission that allows encrypted and fast data transfer. It is used in England, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and many other European countries. Authors: B de Sonis d\'Espujos
CPU doo, Novi Beograd - Design and Implementation of Microsoft Unified Communications System - company CPU, in the Republic Agency for development of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship, has implemented a completely new ICT system uniting a comprehensive system for communication and collaboration, which provides users access at any time, any place and any device. For this project, the company CPU won at Microsoft Global Partner Conference 2009, held in July this year in New Orleans, two awards from Microsoft "Central&Eastern Europe Messaging Partner of the Year 2009" and" Central&Eastern Europe IM/Presence Partner of the Year". Author: CPU doo
PSC doo, Belgrade - MOBI-card - allows user, by using only a mobile phone, to order, pay and get a ticket in the form of bar code for certain sports, cultural or any other event by texting. Author: PSC doo
  Kancellár.hu, Budapest, Hungary - Kancellár.hu Zrt - provides information security and is uses by over 250 companies in Hungary. It uses standards MSZ ISO/IEC 17799 and 15408 of confidentiality, integrity and availability. On Deloitte assessment, Kancelar.hu has been named as the 31st fastest growing companies in Central Europe. Authors: Szutor Bernadette, Papp Péter

Siemens doo, Belgrade - SAP ERP implementation in Electric Power Industry of the Republic of Serbian - ERS FMIS pilot project. Author: Siemens IT Solutions and Services

  AlfaSoft doo, Ruma - AlfaSoft Express, an integrated information system of company AKS Express Kurur Sabac - system includes collecting, transportation and delivery of shipments “door to door” with monitoring orders, invoicing, and integrated accounting. Author: AlfaSoft development team
  City Administration City Pančevo - Continuous monitoring of air pollution - is an automatic system for continuous monitoring of air pollution of the city of Pancevo. It consists of 4 measuring stations and monitoring center, which are interconnected. Author: Secretariat for Environmental Protection, Department of Informatics
  3M STUDIO, Jagodina - BUSINESS TOOLS - base of business tools, knowledge and information - with application in the field of business plans, financial projections and business results analysis, and Internet and computer usage in business. Author: Dragan Ljubisavljevic, dipl.ecc

9. Web Achievements one Winner and one Honorable Mentions

IOSZIA, Hungary - Internet Media and Web Award Hungary "competition - IOSZIA" aims at finding young talent for their IT education and improvement in domestic information technology professionals. Action is significantly supported by the biggest Hungarian companies. Author: Henrik Fülöp
National Tourist Organization of Montenegro, Podgorica - The official tourism site of Montenegro – is the web portal that presents a unique opportunity for business entities to promote themselves free to Internet users worldwide. Authors: WEB TEAM AND NTOCG TISCOVER (Austria)
  InternetQ SA, Athens, and DIYOMI SOFT, Nis - AKAZOO Social Network - Akazoo is an innovative social network connecting WEB and WAP users by combining communication among them. Original 100,000 users in Greece today is significantly spread worldwide gaining dimensions of Akazoo movement. Authors: InternetQ, Athens, Greece & DIYOMI SOFT, Nis, Serbia
  Intermex doo, Belgrade - RegulationsOnline - Automatic, daily, updated monitoring and enforcement of all regulations, case law, the official opinion, compulsory forms and model of acts. The vast on-line database and practical daily application of domestic and foreign regulations, standards, rules and patterns. Authors: Ljiljana Milankovic Vasovic, Dejan Milankovic, Igor Colovic
  SO Sokobanja, Sokobanja - Sokobanja Tourist portal – is a web site that provides all relevant information on the municipal, private and hotel accommodation, restaurants... There is also interactive guide, numerous columns, the current news. Author: Sasa Stojanovic
  Web & Law doo, Belgrade, and WL Panel - Interactive information-marketing-advertising portal with a database of companies in which members arrange their five web page by themselves and entry up to 10 items or services. Author: Stanisa Krsmanovic
  Limundo doo, Belgrade - Auction sales between private individuals - Web portal for individuals to make additional income in an easy and funny way, by selling their (used) items. Author: Miodrag Stefanovic
  Media Monitoring Studio doo, Novi Sad - Website www.yumreza.info has over 30,000 links to various sites of companies and other entities from Serbia and former Yugoslav republics, and about 4,000 visitors a day which makes it one of the largest national database of its kind. Author: Aleksandar Brkic
  Div Soft doo, Zrenjanin - Economic portal of cities in Serbia – is a web portal for presenting small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs in organized and multilingual way. Author: Div Soft doo Zrenjanin
  STILU.net d.o.o, Zagreb – Adriatic Basketball Association - NLB League ABA - Official site of basketball league, watching the games live, listing of all statistical data only a few moments after the match. Author: STILU.net Ltd.



Special Awards

(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

ICT Expert meetings

TELSIKS 2009, Nis

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2009, Cannes

Arhiv info 2009, Zlatibor
  SAP WORLD TOUR '09, Zagreb
  CISCO Expo 2009, Belgrade
  Sinergija 2009, Belgrade
  Telfor 2009, Belgrade
  Infoteh 2009, Vrnjacka banja
  Telecommunications 09, Portoroz
  E-Business, Palic
ICT radio i TV Shows

TV B92 Info - KURSOR, TV show



IT TV production – internet TV

Radio Belgrade II programme Digital icons

RTS E-learning – Educational and Scientific Program

  TV Kopernikus - POLAROTOR
  Ciklotron, Belgrade - TVWWW
  Studio Vertigo production, Novi Sad In our district
  RTS2 – Interface TV show
  HRT2 – eCroatia TV show
  eMisija – first croatian ICT video podcast
ICT Publishing
ING PRO, Belgrade – Low information system on Internet – web issue
InfoPress, Zagreb - Infotrend – magazine
Energoprojekt-Entel a.d, Novi Belgrade – Software quality and software projects – book
Stanko Stojiljkovic – Brain on a chip, book
SOHO GRAPH, Belgrade Serial Manuals LEARN HOW TO USE – books
Mobil Mega, Belgrade - Mobil Mega - magazine
  Mikroknjiga, Belgrade - Mikro PC World - magazine
  Hermes, Novi SadPortrait of Novi Sad - DVD issue
  Hydra, Ljubljana – Avtomatika – magazine
  Poeta Pista, Sarajevo - INFO magazine for digital age magazine
  Mobinet, Grosuplje Slovenia, - Mobinet – magazine
ICT Foreign Partners
  Allied Telesis
DISKOBOLOS 2009 - Jury  

Vasile Baltac - President, Council of European Professional Informatics Societies 
- Hans A. Frederik - Vicepresident, Council of European Professional Informatics Societies
- Prof. dr. Olivera Stankovic – Representative of European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry
- Niko Schlamberger – President, Slovenian Society Informatika

- Giulio Occihini - Director, European Computer Driving Licence Fondation
- Oliver Braet - President, Federation of Belgian Informatics Associations
- Mladen Glasenhard - President, Croatian Information Technology Society
Mensura Beganovic - 
Association of Informatics in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sofija Jovanovska - Agency for electronic communications Macedonia
- Stevan Ljumovic - President of IT Association Montenegro
- Mr Nebojsa Vasiljevic - Assistant Minister for the Information Society of Serbia
- Prim. dr. Elizabet Paunovic - Assistant Minister of Health of Serbia

- Prof. dr. Dragan Domazet - Advisor to the Minister for Science and Technology
- Marija Djermanovic - Senior Advisor to the Ministry of telecommunications and information society
- Mojca Osojnik - 
Slovenian Chamber of Economy
- Marijan Frkovic - Croatian Chamber of Economy
- Jelena Jovanovic - 
Association of IT Activities in Belgrade Chamber of Commerce
- Slobodan Karanovic - Belgrade Institute for Statistics, Belgrade
- Dragan Nikolic - Electric Power Industry of Serbia

- Zikica Milinkovic - Ministry of Defense of Serbia
Slobodan Krstic - Jugoimport SDPR, Belgrade
mr Dragan Marinkovic - YUADM Associations, Belgrade
mr Cedomir Milenkovic - Institute Mihajlo Pupin, Belgrade
Prof. Dr. Edita Kastratovic - Dean of Faculty of Management in Sport, Belgrade
Nikola Markovic – Serbian Society for Informatics
- Prof. dr. Stevica Graovac - University of Electrical Engineering Belgrade
- Prof. dr. Svetozar Pervulov - KBC Zvezdara, Belgrade
- mr Milinka Prohic - SAGA, Belgrade
- Miroslav Petrovic - President of the Board of Directors Association ARHIV INFO, Belgrade 


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JISA Office
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