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 Tax Administration of Serbia by far the best!

 As many as 128 achievements from all parts of the world were nominated for this year’s competition of the most successful applications of information technologies in various industries and non-economic sector. Only 52 of them were selected by JISA’s international jury and nominated for awards in main categories (production, designing, management, social services, services, health care, finance, education, and web) as well as 30 achievements which were nominated in special categories (gatherings, publishing, radio and television shows, and global partners). The awarding ceremony was organized in cooperation with the Assembly of the city of Belgrade in the ambiance of the Old Palace and high socio-political guests, on 20 December 2011.

On behalf of the Assembly of the city of Belgrade, the attendees were welcomed by Zoran Alimpić, Vice-president, who stressed that the tradition of awarding recognitions in the field of information technologies has had the positive effects on the further development of the application of information technologies, not only in Serbia, but in the whole region.

The jury of JISA – Union of ICT Societies of Serbia consisted of prominent representatives of the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies – CEPIS, as well as the European Economic Interest Grouping EEIG from Brussels, and the awards were handed out by Đorđe Dukic, Vice-president of CEPIS, Business Communication and Marketing President at EEIG, and President of JISA as the institution which organizes and gives recognitions.
Between the 15 award winners, the largest number of votes was given to the Tax Administration of Serbia, which set a sort of a record: for the first time in 17 year old history of the Diskobolos award, an organization managed to receive the main award in two categories in the same time! The expert team of the Tax Administration received a Diskobolos award for the software legalization package, and a Diskobolos award for the most successful application of the certification of its employees according to European standards of IT training – ECDL.  The Tax Administration received a special recognition in the finance category for their portal “e-Porezi” (e-Taxes), because of which the IT experts from this institution can rightly be described as the most productive team ever in this part of the Europe!




2011 Principal Awards
(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue

1. Production one Winner and one Honorable Mentions


Galeb Group, Sabac - „Oris11“own product for remote monitoring of vehicles in real time Author: Dragan Bogićević

Informatika a.d, Belgrade - „Plant Architect“InfoMES - Manufacturing Execution System Author: Dušan Ćirić, Regoda Zoran, Želimir Lukač
  Lance Software ltd, Cluj - Napoca, Romania - Product „Lance Licensing” for protecting software production Author: Lance Software ltd
  ACM, Wien - UbiqLog: Multipurpose Mobile Sensing Platform Autor: Reza Rawassizadeh
  Solutis d.o.o., Belgrade -„Vesta” The integrated security system for access control and alarm monitoring of remote objects Author: Vladimir Kukoleča dipl.el.ing
2. Project one Winner

Tehnicom Computers, Belgrade - Project „Sistema online sednica” Authors: Tehnicom Computers for the "Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities"

  Telekom RS, Banja Luka - Project Protection power and telecommunication lines from the object of atmospheric electrical discharge Author: Milan Paripović
  Mašinski fakultet u Podgorici - Univerzitet Crne Gore - CBR Expert system for improving organizational performance Author: Doc.dr Aleksandar Vujović
  ETŠ "Rade Končar", Belgrade - Project of the intranet and school databases Authors: Dragan Knežević i consultant group
  Singidunum University, Belgrade – "Singidroid" is a project of the Faculty of Informatics and Computing Author: Singidunum University

3. Management two Winners

SWING Informatika, Split - SWING Process Manager - „Paperless office" management documents Author: SWING Informatika


NPS d.o.o, Belgrade - Management of construction agents in the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV Author: NPS d.o.o.
  Pogled Telekomunikacije, Niš - Hybrid system for management and monitoring of pumping stations Authors: Saša Stojković, Bratislav Milovanović, Saša Blagojević, Dragoslav Marković
  Lance Software ltd, Cluj - Napoca, Romania - iManager suite Autor: Lance Software ltd
  E-75 IT Services, Novi Sad - NetDokumenti, managing documents Author: Ivan Mojsilović
4. Public Services two Winners and three Honorable Mentions

Republican Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance, Belgrade - Electronic and Internet Services for payment of contributions and uniform application of the mandatory social insurance Authors: IT and business team of the Republic Pension Fund

Lanaco Informacione tehnologije, Banja Luka - The central processing system and storage registers Author: Lanaco Information Technologies
Communications Regulation Commission (CRC), Sofia - Project „Licensing and registers” services to the citizens and business, financed by “Administrative Capacity” via the European Social Fund Autor: CRC Project Magament Unit
Algebra, Zagreb - Integrated system for driver's exams "myQtest multimedia L"Authors: group of authors
Administration for Joint Services of the provincial authorities, Novi Sad - Software system for monitoring the competition authorities in the provincial administration – „eKonkursi“Authors: Mr Milan Paroški, Sanja Andrić, Vesna Popović, Đerđi Elek, Boško Ivanišević
Test IT (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka - Successful Implementation of Open Source ICDL in Sri Lanka Government Autor: Ms. Shalomi Ferdinando
  Association for International Economic Cooperation, Belgrade - Program „eOpstina” Authors: Vlado Čučković, dr. Pavle Popović, dr. Srbobran Branković, dr. Milan Vemić, Darko Vujičić, Milan Lalović
5. Finance One Winner and two Honorable Mentions

Musala Soft, Sofia - EISRAMC - Electronic Information System for Risk Assessment, Management and Control of vehicle insurance policies Autor: Musala Soft


"42", Zagreb -„eBonus” Monitoring and analysis of results of operations Authors: Dragutin Vdović, Željko Krešić
Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, Belgrade - Portal "e-Tax" system for e-business with the Tax Administration. Author: Dr.Dejan Vidojević
  FIVEPLUS SOLUTIONS SRL, Bucharest - „DocPlus” Invoice Management Autor: FivePlus Solutions
  BIS d.o.o, Belgrade - Web business software Author: BIS doo
  Denebs Solutions d.o.o, Belgrade -„ScoreStar” Credit scoring software Author: Siniša Prokić
6. Health Care one Winner and three Honorable Mentions

Health Insurance Fond of Montenegro, Podgorica - General Hospital Information System (ISOB) Author: Health Insurance Fond of Montenegro

Mlm-multimedial laboratory, Belgrade - Online database of patients Author: Miloš Mladenović
Department of Neurology, Clinical Center of Serbia - Diagnostic software for headaches Authors: Miloš Nikolić, Dr Aleksandra Radojičić, doc. Dr Jasna Zidverc-Trajk
Association of Nurses - Technicians intensive care and anesthesia resuscitation of Serbia, Nis – Computer as a member of the medical team Authors: Gordana Dragošev, Sanja Paunić
  Health Club, Belgrade - portal „Zdravoskop” Authors: Zorica i Vuk Marković
7. Education one Winner and one Honorable Mention

Ministry of Finance,, Tax Administration, Belgrade - Implementation of ECDL program in the Serbian Tax Administration Authors: Aleksandar Milovanović, Ivana Rakić

High Business School, Valjevo - Education of students according to the ECDL standard Authors: mr Andrija Tošić, Marina Janković
  ICDL Iran Foundation - Teachers' Training for the Smart Schools - Author: ICDL Iran Foundation
  Lanaco Information Technology, Banja Luka -„EDUIS” information system in primary and secondary education Author: Lanaco Information technologies
  Association of Serbian science professors, Novi Sad - Free software program in schools in Serbia Authors: Dejan Stakić, Goran Jovišić
  Galilej Information Technology, Belgrade - „GALIS“ School Information System Author: Nebojša Obradović
  Faculty of Engineering Čačak, University in Kragujevac, Cacak - Master of e-learning Authors: Radojka Krneta, Danijela Milošević, Dragana Bjekić
8. Sevices one Winner and one Honorable Mention

Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, Belgrade - Control of the legality of software. Author: Dr.Dejan Vidojević



CyberNet Technology d.o.o, Belgrade - „M2tech” CNBS backup solution Authors: Mateja Tomašević and Ivan Bjelajac
  Soft One Technologies S.A, Athens - „Soft1” Cloud ERP on Windows Azure Author: Dimitrios A. Gaganelis
  FIVEPLUS SOLUTIONS SRL, Bucharest - DocPlus Contract Management Author: FivePlus Solutions
  Ebart doo, Belgrade - Services on-line media archives. Authors: Velimit Ćurgus and development team

ELB Solutions d.o.o, Kragujevac - ELB Auction Manager Author: Danijel Jevtić


9. WEB one Winner and one Honorable Mention

Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications of Montenegro, Podgorica - Portal for People with Disabilities (www.disabilityinfo.me) Author: Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications of Montenegro


Moje pravo, Beograd - Legal portal „mojepravo.net” Author: Dejan Ojkić
  Carnation Zrt, Budapest - Air France - Take your seat Authors: Krisztián Tóth - CEO / creative director; Stefan Iarca - art director
  Connect Software Solutions, Novi Sad - Market4net Authors: Zoran Janković, Aleksandar Grubor
  Academy Filipović d.o.o, Jagodina - www.buvljapijaca.rs - site for the auction catalog Authors: Bratislav Filipović, Miljenko Reberšnikov
  Planeta Computers, Gornji Milanovac - Portal „Made In Milanovac” Author: Aleksandar Krsmanović



Special Awards
(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

Professional conferences

Infofest, Budva


Conference e-Development 2011, Belgrade
Infoteh, Vrnjačka Banja
ArhivInfo, Tara
  BISEC 2011, Belgrade
  Click to Europe , Belgrade
  eTalk conference, Arandjelovac
  Sinergija, Belgrade
  Telfor, Belgrade
Radio i TV Shows

IT TV Production - www.live-e.tv - Author: Radomir Lale Marković

TV show Interfejs, Editor in chief: Ivan Nikčević


HTV2 - Show eCroatia, Zagreb - editor: Marko Franjić


Novi Sad television, Novi Sad - ICT Plus - Author: Vladimir Jovanović

  TV Kopernikus, Beograd - POLAROTOR - Author: Prof.dr Inž. Dragan Ćosić
  Radio Belgrade 1, Belgrade - Talasanje - Author: Tatjana Željković
  Radio Belgrade 2, Belgrade - Digital icons- Authors: Tamara Vučenović

PC Press, Belgrade - Magazine Connect - Serbia - Author: Dejan Ristanović


Internet mirror, Belgrade - Author: Zoran Kovačević
  Soho Graph, Belgrade - Series manual “Learn how to use it” - Author: Mirsad Imamomić
  InfoTrend online, Zagreb - Author: Info Press
  Magazine for IT professionals Network, Croatia - http://www.bug.hr/mreza/
  Introduction to Internet management - Albatros Plus, Belgrade, Author: Jovan Kurbalija
  Open society for the exchange of ideas (ODRAZI), Zagreb - ITdesk.info
Global Partners


DISKOBOLOS 2011 - Jury

Prof. dr. Vasile Baltac - President, Council of European Professional Informatics Societies 
Prof. dr. Heinz Vejpustek - President of European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry
Djordje Dukic - Vice-president, Council of European Professional Informatics Societies 
- Niko Schlamberger – President, Slovenian Society Informatics

Giulio Occhini - Director, European Computer Driving Licence Fondation
Olivier Braet - President, Federation of Belgian Informatics Associations
- Fulop Henrik - President European Economic Chamber EEIG for Hungary
- Mr. Radoslav Yoshinov - President of the European Economic Chamber EEIG for Bulgaria
- Marijan Frkovic - President, Croatian Information Technology Society
Mensura Beganovic - President, Association of Informatics in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Sofija Jovanovska - Agency for electronic communications Macedonia
- Stevan Ljumovic - President of IT Association Montenegro 
- Mr. Nebojsa Vasiljevic -  - Assistant Digital Agenda of Serbia
- Prim. dr. Elizabet Paunovic - Assistant Minister of Health of Serbia

- Prof. dr. Dragan Domazet - Advisor to the Minister for Science and Technology
- Mojca Osojnik - 
Slovenian Chamber of Economy
- Milomir Gligorijevic - European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry Serbia
- Slobodan Karanovic - Belgrade Institute for Statistics, Belgrade
- Dragan Nikolic - Electric Power Industry of Serbia
Zikica Milinkovic - Ministry of Defense of Serbia
Slobodan Krstic - eDevelopment association, Belgrade
mr Dragan Marinkovic - YUADM AssociationsBelgrade
mr Cedomir Milenkovic -Vlatacom, Belgrade
Prof. dr. Edita Kastratovic Dean of Faculty of Management in SportBelgrade 
- Prof. dr. Stevica Graovac - University of Electrical Engineering Belgrade
- Prof. dr. Svetozar Pervulov - KBC Zvezdara, Belgrade
- Mr. Milinka Prohic - SAGA, Belgrade
- Miroslav Petrovic - President of the Board of Directors Association ARHIV INFO, Belgrade

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