2012 Union of ICT Societies of Serbia

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"Two Diskobolos for the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs!"


For 18 years the Diskobolos award is a top challenge for many authors and a synonym for most modern business solutions achieved by ICT- Information and Communication Technology. There is no doubt that DISKOBOLOS influenced the improvement of cooperation and encouraged many authors from all over the world: USA, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Costa Rica, Bangladesh, UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and the Balkan states to exchange experiences and present their work.

Union of ICT Societies (JISA) in cooperation with the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), European Economic Chamber of Trade (EEIG), Commerce and Industry, regional chambers of commerce, IT associations and a large number of local experts, which together make up the jury, reviewed over 120 entries in the category of main awards as well as in the category of special awards.

This year's best result is achieved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, by winning two major awards DISKOBOLOS: one in collaboration with the Ministry of foreign and domestic trade and Telecommunications as well as the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the second in collaboration with prominent companies Cisco and Saga. Significant achievements that clearly indicate the real look of a future life and limitless possibilities of IT revolution arrived unexpectedly from Costa Rica and Bangladesh. We have also seen very productive solutions from Romania and Hungary. Of the domestic achievements the most significant were Vlatacom and Batut Institute, Lanaco from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from Montenegro the always important ČIKOM.

Mr. Djordje Djukic, the President of JISA – Union of ICT Societies of Serbia as the organizer of this competition, in his welcome speech to domestic and foreign guests, in a full ceremonial hall of the Old Palace, in the Assembly of city of Belgrade, noted that one of the features of this year's competition was the increased number of new participants and also couple of the new jury members from European countries: Spain, Austria, Turkey and Cyprus, which have not previously participated. DISKOBOLOS once again demonstrated its intention of overcoming the regional character in order to capture the increasing significance of the European, and that in the future we can expect even more successful presentations of the top achievements in the use of information and communication technologies, from many countries and institutions which so far have not pointed out their candidacy.


2012 Principal Awards
(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

1. Production one Winner and one Honorable Mentions



Adacta d.o.o, Beograd - Implementation of Microsoft Dynamic NAV in agriculture - Author: Bogdan Obradović

2B Combis d.o.o, Zagreb – ComCloud - Author: Combis d.o.o.
  SOLAR IC, Subotica - Ecological Vehicle - Authors: Josip and Robert Grabarević
  HddSurgery d.o.o, Belgrade - Development of tools for data recovery from hard drives - Authors: Nikola Radovanović, Saša Stanojević, Goran Pantić
  SIVECO Romania, Bucuresti - Implementation of ERP system at Kathrein Romania SRL - Author: Matei Alina
  Tamnjanka d.o.o, Vladimirci - INFORMATION SYSTEM SIGMA-LON - Author: Milica Gajić
2. Project one Winner and one Honorable Mentions

MUP Republic of Srbije, SAGA d.o.o. Belgrade, Cisco Serbia d.o.o, Belgrade - Pilot project migration of TETRA system on IP and 3G links - Authors: D. Stević, M. Janković, S. Lazić, B. Pešterac, A. Đorđević, G. Miladinović, Đ. Vulović , Professional teams MUP RS, SAGA and Cisco Serbia

3 System Control Ltd, Hungary - Introduction of Open Source System in Major™s Office in Miskolc, Hungary - Authors: Henrik Fülöp, Dr. Ákos Kriza
  FIVEPLUS SOLUTIONS, Bucharest - Production technical data sheets for communication with branches - Author: FIVEPLUS SOLUTIONS
  Telekomunikacije RS, a.d Banja Luka - Continuity of power supply in Telekom RS - Author: Milan Paripović
  Tehnicom Computers, Belgrade - Belgrade CIty Guide Smart TV aplication - Author: Tehnicom Computers
  Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Niš - Project "3Dimensional presentation of city Niš" - Authors: through the program Partnership for Education and development Community - PECD

3. Management one Winner and one Honorable Mentions


Vlatacom d.o.o, Beograd - System to control and manage the traffic and surveillance for the city of Luanda, Angola – Author: Toma Nikolić, Director


  HB-System, Nova Pazova - go2go application - Authors: Vukašin Bijelić i VAF
  Fadata Serbia, Beograd - Informatization of the process of traffic police - Author: Slobodan Vujinović
  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Podgorica-University of Montenegro, An expert system for improving organizational performance based on the concept of CBR -
Case Based Reasoning
- Author: Doc. dr Aleksandar Vujović
  FIVEPLUS SOLUTIONS, Bucharest - Activity management system for RNDVCSH public organisation - Author: FIVEPLUS SOLUTIONS
  Eight Bit d.o.o, Beograd - 8bit TRACING R3SOLVER – Author: Boris Drajer
4. Public Services one Winner and three Honorable Mentions

LANACO Information Technology, Banja Luka - EduIS - Author: LANACO Information technologies

5aa Administration for Joint Services Vojvodina, Novi Sad -Interoperability of electronic government services APV – Author: Mr Milan Paroški
5a Tehnicom Computers, Beograd - Talk B2B - matchmaking software - Author: Tehnicom Computers
  Women Entrepreneur Association of Bangladesh - WEAB for the socio-economic development of women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh - Author: Ms.Nasreen Fatema Awal
  Inter-biz , Varaždin, Croatia - IB.TAHO - Author: Matija Mikac
Ministry of Internal Affairs, Belgrade - State border control of Serbia eGate - Author: Ministarstvo unutrašnjih poslova
5. Finance One Winner and one Honorable Mentions

Belit d.o.o, Beograd - sRisks - NPL management tool – Authors: Milan Dolašević, Predrag Rajačić


6aaa JP Srbijagas, Novi Sad - Application of Cognos business intelligence tools to monitor the collection of gas - Authors: Vladan Bujas, Miroslav Vajagić, Vukašin Vujović, Velibor Pjevalica
  PLUS BM SOFT d.o.o, Niš - PLUSBMS® i SAOP - Authors: Ninoslava Bajalović i Vanja Prodanić
  SU-PORT d.o.o, Surčin - Program for operational monitoring and billing services in the affairs of the handling of goods in airline traffic - Author: Nevena Simić
  Zeta system, Beograd – Moneta – Author: Branislav Zeković
  6PM House, Malta – QuickPM - Author: Ivan Bartolo
6. Health Care one Winner andone Honorable Mentions

Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut", Belgrade - Software for the register of medical equipment of national importance in health institutions in Serbia - Authors: Vedran Martinović, Ivan Ivanović, Maja Krstić, Borislav Srdić

SU-PORT d.o.o, Surčin - Program to record the transfer of aircraft first aid kits (FAQ) - Author: Nevena Simić
  Association of Nurses of intensive care, anesthesia and resuscitation, Nis - ELECTRONIC REANIMATION KNOWLEDGE - Author: Gordana Dragošev
  NGO Health Club, Belgrade - portal ZDRAVOSKOP - Authors: Vuk Marković i Zorica Marković
  AMDA RS, Banja Luka - Evaluation of Internet addiction and depression over telepsychiatric service - Author: Prof dr Milan Stojaković
  FIVEPLUS SOLUTIONS, Bucharest - Management system for Cytology exams, CPSS organization - Author: FIVEPLUS SOLUTIONS
7. Education one Winner and one Honorable Mention

INSOFT Development&Consulting, Romania - learnIN -SMART eLearning solution - Author: Ilinca Georgescu

8 Metropolitan University, Belgrade - LUNA - Authors: Miloš Ljubinković, Aleksandar Slijepčević, Petar Milovanović, Nemanja Stančić, Andrej Luneski, Mateja Opačić
  Akademie Klausenhof, Hamminkeln - European InfoNet Adult Education - Author: Dr. Michael Sommer (editor) / Andrea Hoffmeier (responisble)
  Coprix Media d.o.o, Beograd - InterAktivni Bukvar - Authors: Vladimir Koprić, Marko Marinković, Ana Koprić, Zona Mrkalj, Snežana Bujišić
  Open Society for the exchange of ideas - ODRAZI, Zagreb - ITdesk.info - computer e-education - Authors: Dario Ilija Rendulić, Sanja Kolarić
  Infostud 3 doo Subotica - Development of site www.kursevi.com- Author: Company Infostud 3 d.o.o.
  Academy Filipovic Ltd., Jagodina - All schools in one place SERBIA-WWW.NASASKOLA.RS - Authors: Bratislav Filipović, Miljenko Rebernić ak
  University of Belgrade, Belgrade - The web site of the University of Belgrade - Author Information Centre of Belgrade University
8. Sevices one Winner and two Honorable Mention

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Belgrade - Electronic service of issuing registration sticker by using the portal – Authors: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign and Domestic Trade and Telecommunications, Ministry of Finance and Economy



8b InfoXpress, Jagodina – Economic Indicator – Authors: Zoran Stojković, Milan Govedarica
  Three Rivers Software LLC S.A, Costa Rica – REPORTESE - Author: Jorge Hernandez Canessa
  Ebart d.o.o, Beograd – On-line Video archiving services – Authors: Velimir Čurgus and development team.
  SU-PORT d.o.o, Surčin - Program for tracking objects in Cargo Tracing jobs in air traffic – Author: Nevena Simić

MFC Mikrokomerc, Belgrade - Spider.Net Digital Library – LibIT – Author: Srđan Božović, Aleksandra Marković


9. WEB one Winner and one Honorable Mention


Čikom, Podgorica - "The voice of the people," Electronic-petition - Authors: Nicholas and Peter Tabaš Kapetanović


8d My right, Belgrade – Legal Web Directory – Author: Dejan Ojkić
  G.P.R. International, Beograd - Web Portal www.manifestacije.com – Author: Milanka Cvetković
  Infostud 3 d.o.o, Subotica – Creation and the development of www.polovniautomobili.com – Author: Infostud 3 d.o.o.Company
  ELITE Solution d.o.o, Novi Sad - BUTOBU – World Trade Center – Author: Goran Blazević
  Web television d.o.o, New Belgrade – System webtv on Serbian media websites – Author: Predrag Vuković


Special Awards
(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

Professional conferences

Infofest, Miločer, Montenegro


10a Arhiv info, Stara Planina, Serbia
10b Smart E-Government, Belgrade, Serbia
  Sinegija, Belgrade, Serbia
  Telfor, Belgrade, Serbia
  Renaissance for e-Governance, Bled, Slovenia
  Od weba do neba, Zagreb, Croatia
  ICT Infrastructure and Industry for the purpose of faster economic growth, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Radio i TV Shows

RTS, Belgrade – Show – What have all the technologies done for us - Author: Olivera Kosić


Novi Sad TV, PE City information center "Apolo", Novi Sad - ICT Plus - Author: Vladimir Jovanović


IT TV Production, Belgrade - Author: Radomir Lale Marković


TV Kopernikus, Belgrade - Polarotor - Author: Prof. dr Dragan Ćosić

  Radio TopFM, Belgrade - ZAIR - Author: Zoran Modli
  Radio Belgrade 1, Belgrade – Talasanje - Author: Tanja Željković
  TV show Interface, Belgrade – Editor in chief: Marijana Primc Anastasijević
  Radio Računalo, Varaždin - Author, director and editor of show mag. inf. Božidar Komarić

PC PRESS, Belgrade – Magazine Connect - Serbia - Author: Vojislav Gašić


12a Count on computers, Zemun – Put me in network - Authors: Predrag Jovanović and Vladan Nenadić
  Bug, Zagreb – Magazine for IT professionals ‘’Mreža’' - Author: Oleg Maštruko, executive editor
  SOHO GRAPH, Belgrade – Series of the ‘’Learn to use’’ guides - Author: Mirsad Imamović
  INTERNET OGLEDALO, Belgrade - Author: Zoran Kovačević
  InfoTrend online, Zagreb - Author: Info Press
  Buybook, Sarajevo - Authors: Goran Samardžić and Damir Uzunović
Global Partners
13 Allied Telesis


DISKOBOLOS 2012 - Jury

- Prof. dr. Nello Scrabottolo - President, Council of European Professional Informatics Societies
- Prof. dr. Heinz Vejpustek - President of European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry
- Dr. Luis Fernandez-Sanz, Spanish Society Informatics, Vice-president, CEPIS
- Giulio Occhini - Board of Directors, European Computer Driving Licence Fondation
- Niko Schlamberger – President, Slovenian Society Informatics
- Prof. dr. Vasile Baltac – President, Romanian Society Informatics
- R. Erdem Erkul – Representative of Cepis and Member of Executive Board of Informatics Association of Turkey
- Olivier Braet - President, Federation of Belgian Informatics Associations
- Fulop Henrik - President European Economic Chamber EEIG for Hungary
- Mr. Radoslav Yoshinov - President of the European Economic Chamber EEIG for Bulgaria
- Prof. Dr. Gerald Futschek - OCG - Austrian Computer Society
- Panicos Masouras - Manager, ECDL Cyprus
- Marijan Frkovic - President, Croatian Information Technology Society
- Mensura Beganovic - President, Association of Informatics in Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Sofija Jovanovska - Agency for electronic communications Macedonia
- Stevan Ljumovic - President of IT Association Montenegro
- Mr. Nebojsa Vasiljevic - Assistant Minister for Information Society of Serbia
- Mr. Radule Novovic - Assistant Minister for Information Society of Montenegro
- Prof. dr. Dragan Domazet - Dean of Faculty of Information Technology, Belgrade
- Milomir Gligorijevic – European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry Serbia
- Slobodan Karanovic - Director Belgrade Institute for Statistics
- Dragan Nikolic - Electric Power Industry of Serbia
- Zikica Milinkovic - Ministry of Defense of Serbia
- Slobodan Krstic - eDevelopment association, Belgrade
- mr Dragan Marinkovic - Director of sustainable development Serbian Railways
- mr Cedomir Milenkovic - Vlatacom, Belgrade
- Prof. dr. Edita Kastratovic - Dean of Faculty of Management in Sport, Belgrade
- Prof. dr. Stevica Graovac - University of Electrical Engineering Belgrade
- Prof. dr. Svetozar Pervulov - KBC Zvezdara, Belgrade
- Mr. Milinka Prohic - SAGA, Belgrade
- Miroslav Petrovic - President of the Board of Directors Association ARHIV INFO, Belgrade

Diskobolos 2012 PHOTO ALBUM


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