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The " DISKOBOLOS 2014 " showed:


In the festive atmosphere of the Old Palace, Belgrade City Assembly, on Wednesday, on 10 December 2014 were awarded international recognition "DISKOBOLOS 2014" for the greatest achievements in use of information and communication technologies.

The ceremony was opened by Mr Andreja Mladenovic, Deputy Mayor

- For the most IT trained MINISTRY IN THE SERBIAN GOVERNMENT is the Ministry of Defence. The award was presented by General Simovic Mr. Sava Savic, Assistant Minister of Trade and Telecommunications Information Society
- The BEST IT teachers in high schools were named:

Aleksandra Filipovic from the Gymnasium in Krusevac, 
Dejan Pejcic from the School of Economics in Nis,
Slavisa Petrovic from the Agricultural School “Sumatovac” in Aleksinac, 
Jasna Ristic from the Electrical school “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade,
Nebojsa Lazarevic from the Gymnasium in Aleksinac
Snezana Zamurovic from the Gymnasium “Dusan Vasiljev” in Kikinda

All teachers received appropriate gifts, and the best among the best Aleksandra Filipovic received the statue of Diskobolos and a journey to the world ECDL forum in Warsaw. The awards were handed out by State Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Ms. Snezana Markovic.

Ministry of Defence, General Simovic
Aleksandra Filipović, Gymnasium Krusevac

FOR BEST USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES were awarded the main prizes in the following areas:


DISKOBOLOS 2014 Principal Awards
(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

1. Production one Winner and one Honorable Mentions


Telegroup GENEKO - GWR High Speed cellular router series - Authors: Group of authors from GENEKO d.o.o.
2B Greensoft, Novi Sad – Agro LIFE - Authors:  Darko Solar, Zvezdan Zaric
  Inforeduca, Madrid – PROAUDIT - Authors: Inforeduca
  Mtel a.d., Banja Luka - Uninterruptible electricity supply in Telecom - Author: Milan Paripovic
  RTV Mars, Valjevo - News Studio www.dovecher.tv - Author: Zoran Dovecer
2. Project one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
The Adminitration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies Serbia The Administration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies, Serbia - Authors: Administration for joint services of the republic bodies & Micro Business Solutions d.o.o
Secretariat of the Judicial Council of Montenegro Ministry of Interior, Republic of Serbia - Legitimation of a police officer for access to mobile information system - Author: Ministry of Interior, Directorate for Information Technologies
Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia National Library of Serbiaand NBS Foundation - Digital libraries - Authors: Miroljub Stojanovic
  Nailab, Kenya - Founding a technology based business incubator in Nairobi, Kenya - Author: Samuel Gichuru 
  Mining Basin „KOLUBARA“ - Project KATASTAR - Authors: Dragan Tomas, Head of sector AOP, Zoran Antonijevic, Planner ERC, RB „Kolubara“ Lazarevac
  Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture - University of Nis - Project “Unipedija” - Authors: Nemanja Petrovic, Miloš Pajevic, Uroš Strgulc, Milos Trajkovic, Olivera Nikolic, Bojan Filipovic

3. Management one Winner and one Honorable Mention

Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia Vlatacom d.o.o. Belgrade - Vlatacom sensor system for monitoring digital fusion with thermal imaging and day / night cameras high sensitivity



Republic of Serbia’s Tax Administration Towers Net, Belgrade - Towers Net Defender (TND) - Authors: Zoran Zivkovic, Terujosi Adaci
  IE Business, Madrid - e-Leadership academic alignment - Authors: Silvia Leal
  Saga d.o.o. Belgrade, Komix and Aquasoft Czech Republic - New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) - Author: Consortium Saga d.o.o. Belgrade and Komix and Aquasoft from Czech Republic, Ljiljana Cokic, manager
  Micro Business Solutions: Document Management System in Nestle Adriatic - Authors: Micro Business Solutions
4. Public Services one Winner and three Honorable Mentions
Energodata Directorate of e-government, the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government - National eGovernment Portal – Authors: Direction of electronic governance


PCCOM Belgrade Faculty of of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica, University of Montenegro -"Be responsible" – Authors: Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica, University of Montenegro
Mellon Serbia Radio club Serbia - RMZO Amateur radio network for danger - Author: Radio club Serbia 
  Musala Soft: Control Information System for the National Revenue Agency of Bulgaria - Author: Musala Soft
  Fund for the Development of Communication, Novi Sad -“Habitat” - Author: Goran Krnjaic
5. Finances One Winner and two Honorable Mentions
Lanaco Information Technologies

Saga, Belgrade - iBanking Author: Goran Djakovic


6aaa Argo Software Solution Italia - Argorec - Authors: argo ge. re. cre
InfoXpress, Jagodina - SMERP - Authors: Zoran Stojkovic, Sasa Petrovic, Zeljko Ristic
  Data Design, Podgorica - www.busticket4.me - Authors: Branimir Bukilic, Ljiljana Zekovic
6. Health Care one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
Metropolitan Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut" - Internet registry reports on hospitalized persons in health institutions in Serbia - Authors: Aleksandar Medarevic, Borislav Srdic, Vedran Martinovic, Ivan Ivanovic, Maja Krstic, Miljan Ljubicic


Clinical Hospital Center "Dr Dragisa Misovis - Dedinje", Belgrade - MONEZIS (Module Health Care Information System) - Authors: Verica Senicic, Marko Jovanovic, dr Zoran Vlahovic, Prof. dr Radisav Scepanovic, Verica Corluka
VIPOS Kontakta Belgrade, Telecare service - The application for the provision of telecare services – Authors: Tamara Memedovic, Nikola Racic, Kontakta Company
  Republic Health Insurance Fund of Serbia, Department for Development and Information Technology - Software dialysis - Author: Sector for development and information technologies
  Altius pro, Zrenjanin - New Healing Platform (NHP) - Author: Dusko Bralo
7. Education one Winner and one Honorable Mention
Air Serbia Ministry of Education, Podgorica – “MEIS“ (Montenegro Education Information System) - Author: Marina Matijevic
  Open Society for Idea Exchange (ODRAZI) Zagreb - www.odrazi-se.org Animated mathematics for primary schools with free accessAuthors: Sanja Kolaric, Dario Ilija Rendulic
  Croatian Association for the Promotion and Development of Tiflo techniques – HUPRT: Computer literacy is imperative today - Author: HUPRT Nikola Glibo
  Elementary school “Drinka Pavlovic”, Belgrade – Around the world in 60 minutes - Author: Ante Curlin
  University in Eastern Sarajevo -Philosophical Faculty Pale–Department for mathematics and computing - Authors: Prof. dr Milorad Banjanin, Jovana Jankovic and Jelena Arnaut
  Formatura, Belgrade – Portal Super School - Author: Mirjana Radonjic
8. Services one Winner and one Honorable Mention
Talentmarket d.o.o.  Ministry of Interior, Belgrade - Replacement of old (paper) driving licence for new (card) - Authors:  Management of Information Technology, Ministry of Interior



Open Society for the exchange of ideas Ring 9 applications and software, Belgrade – Application CarBond - Author: Nebojsa Dencic
  Micro Business Solutions, Belgrade - Kolibri mobile system on Android platform for commercial agents - Authors: Micro Business
  Dot+, Belgrade - www.eklinika.rs - Author: Branislav Vojinovic
  Faculty of Business Sciences and Law, Belgrade - FPSP e-index - Authors: Sasa Rangelov, Milan Radosavljevic
9. Web Achievements one Winner and one Honorable Mention
Talentmarket d.o.o.  Belgrade City Administration, Department of Informatic and Statistic - Office for quick answers - Author: Zora Sarenac, Mirjana Kantar, Ljubica Marjanovic, Nenad Matovic, Ljiljana Ristivojevic, Snezana Radovanovic, Zeljko Jasic, Vinka Lekic




Open Society for the exchange of ideas Cube Risk Management Solutions, Belgrade - B2B online portal - Authors:  Tamara Petkovic, Nenad Vasic, Srdjan Okanovic, Ivan Mentov, Sinisa Bobic, Pavle Jovanovic, Milan Popadic
  Regional Agency for Socio-Economic Development - Banat,  Zrenjanin - My Project - Web aplication for project management - Authors: Dragan Radakovic, Stanislav Dzirovic
  SerbianaArt, Belgrade - SerbianaArt online gallery - Author: Dragana Markovic 
  Timepad and CreITive Fonsoft, Belgrade - Author: Nemanja Timotijevic, Veljko Vasic, Nenad Latkovic


Special Awards
(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

I – ICT Profesional conferences
Infofest Dnevi Slovenske informatike, Portoroz



YuInfo Infofest, Budva
Smart eGovernment, Belgrade
ISDOS, Belgrade
  eRazvoj, Belgrade
  Sinergija, Belgrade
  Telfor, Belgrade
  ICT Forum, Nis
  SINTEZA, Univerizitet Singidunum, Belgrade
II – ICT Radio and TV Show
Radio-televizija Srbije RTS, Radio-TV Serbia – What technologies did for us, Olivera Kosic


Live TV Live-TV - Internet TV, Radomir Lale Markovic, Belgrade


  Radio Belgrade – Digital icons, Tamara Vucenovic
  TV show Polarotor, Dragan Cosic
  Radio show ZAIR, Zoran Modli
  Radio Belgrade, Count on computers – The other side of computers, Predrag Jovanovic i Vladan Nenadic
III - ICT Publishers
Global Consulting & Marketing Coming, Belgrade - Business & IT, Professional journal on business use of modern technology



  IE Business School, Madrid - Huge motivation to innovate achievement with IT through a book
  ATI Spain, NovAtica, ICT scientific and technical journal
  Elementary school ,,Djura Jaksic", Kać - CD edition of birth of Petar II Petrovic Njegos
  Valjevo Business School of Applied Studies (VIPOS) - 14 publication in the ICT field
  Law ICT, Belgrade - Serbian ICT Law Resource internet edition
IV – Global partners
ATOS Schneider Electric Serbia - SBB TELEPARK


  Microsoft Software
  Huawei Technologies
DISKOBOLOS 2014 - Jury

- Jorg Ruegg - CEPIS President, as a President of Diskobolos Jury
- Prof. Dr. Karim Alirzayev
- President of European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry
- Djordje Dukic - Vice-president, Council of European Professional Informatics Societies 
- dr. Luis Fernandez-Sanz, ATI - Spanish IT Professionals Society
- Giulio Occhini - Board of Directors, European Computer Driving Licence Foundation
- Dirk Deschoolmeester - President, Federation of Belgian Informatics Associations
- Prof. Dr. Gerald Futschek - OCG - Austrian Computer Society
- Niko Schlamberger - President, Slovenian Society Informatics
- Prof. Dr. Vasile Baltac - President, Romanian Society Informatics
- R. Erdem Erkul - Representative of CEPIS and Member of Executive Board of Informatics Association of Turkey
- Fulop Henrik - President European Economic Chamber EEIG for Hungary
- mr Radoslav Yoshinov - Bulgarian Computer Society
- Panicos Masouras - Manager, ECDL Cyprus
- Marijan Frkovic - President, Croatian Information Technology Society
- Mensura Beganovic - President, Association of Informatics in Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Stevan Ljumovic - President of IT Association Montenegro
- mr Radule Novovic - Director-general, Directorate for Information Society Promotion, Montenegro
- Sava Savic - Assistant Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Sector Information Society
- Jelena Jovanovic - Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Association of ICT, Association secretary
- Dusan Rakic - Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Association of ICT, Association secretary
- mr Vojkan Nikolic - Interior Ministry Chief of Information Technology, Belgrade
- Snezana Markovic - State Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
- Goran Jovisic - President, Association of professors of computer science Serbia
- Dragan Ilic - President, Pedagogical Society of Teachers of Informatics
- Milomir Gligorijevic - European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry Serbia
- Slobodan Karanovic - Ministry of Finance, Serbia
- Radosav Jocic - City of Belgrade - City administration, Institute for Informatics and Statistics
- Zikica Milinkovic - Ministry of Defense of Serbia
- Slobodan Krstic - eDevelopment association, Belgrade
- Miroslav Petrovic - President of the Board of Directors Association ARHIV INFO, Belgrade
- mr Dragan Marinkovic - President of the Society for Knowledge Management
- Prof. Dr. Dragan Domazet - Dean of Faculty of Information Technology, Belgrade
- Prof. Dr. Edita Kastratovic - Dean of Faculty of Management in Sport, Belgrade
- mr Cedomir Milenkovic - Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Belgrade
- Prof. Dr. Stevica Graovac - University of Electrical Engineering Belgrade
- Dragan Nikolic - Electric Power Industry of Serbia
- Prof. Dr. Svetozar Pervulov - KBC Zvezdara, Belgrade

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