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In the festive atmosphere of the Old Palace, Belgrade City Assembly on 12.10.2015 were awarded this year Diskobolos prizes for the most successful achievements based on the use of information technology in all spheres of economy and non-economy.

The ceremony was opened by Deputy Mayor, Mr. Andreja Mladenovic and the attendees were addressed by the Vice-President of the European Council of Informatics, Djordje Djukic, then Deputy Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Sava Savic and Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Snezana Markovic.

With today's ceremony begins the third decade of presenting Diskobolos awards which this event through years imposed itself as a kind of review of the most significant informatics achievements of not only our country but also many foreign creators.
Representatives of the organizers JISA - IT Association of Serbia, as the top professional organization of the country, pointed out that the number of applicants for the Diskobolos award this year surpassed all previous records and the most of the solutions reported in the area of education, which shows that many ICT creators directed towards solving the age-old problem of the gap between the growing needs for IT specialists and lack of trained personnel in this area.
This was the reason that in the opening ceremony were first awarded elementary school teachers for the best results of implementation of the ECDL - European computer training which is donated by MTTT sector for information society and then a teachers whose students in the past year won the most awards, had the best grade point average and who are with the program preference in IT teaching the most relied on European standards of secondary education.

For the most active carriers of Education by the ECDL program in 2015 were named Tanja Radovan teacher from Serbia and Dubravka Keković teacher from Montenegro and Diskobolos award for overall achievements in science teaching won Milan Dinić, Mladen Jovanovic, Darina Pole, Velimir Radlovački and Zagorka Pastor. All were given tablets a gift from the Cisco company and others gifts from members of JISA and the first two of the best this year, won the main prize JISA: free visit to the ECDL World Forum, 26-27 May next year in Budapest.

Dukic Djordje
    Diskobolos 2015 Snezana Markovic      
  An international jury composed of experts from 17 European countries and 20 local representatives of the ICT profession from the state bodies, of University, chambers of commerce and IT associations Serbia chose this year's winners in the following areas (red winners, special awards blue):  

DISKOBOLOS 2015 Principal Awards
(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

1. Production one Winner


  EPS Kolubara, branch Kolubara Metal, Lazarevac - Enko
  RTV Marš, Valjevo - D.Play
  Multisourcing Ltd., Bangladesh - Copyright and Intellectual Protect
  Linea Milanović, Belgrade - Stolica Mina
  Mtel a.d., Banja Luka - Duplex uninterrupted power supply
2. Project one Winner and one Honorable Mentions
Faculty for ICT, Podgorica Faculty for ICT, Podgorica - measuring the power of thunder
Digital Logic, Požarevac Digital Logic, Požarevac - NFC 2DQR BARCODE READER
  Ombudsman - monitoring work efficiency of employees

Protent, Obrenovac - Interior 3D

  Infodata GROUP, Leskovac - PWC Programming Without Coding  
  GEO plus, Sombor - Cadastral plans for GPS
  RB „Kolubara“ d.o.o, Lazarevac - PRDOKRB

3. Management one Winner and two Honorable Mention

TO-NET, Novi Sad TO-NET, Novi Sad - Weighing platform for natural gas



Atos IT Solutions and Services, Belgrade Atos IT Solutions and Services, Belgrade - Public Procurement Management System
AirSerbia AirSERBIA GROUND SERVICES, Tracking permits for border crossing
  DUBES, Belgrade - BizPlaner
  Greensoft, Novi Sad - AgroLIFE GPS Tracking
  Faculty of Transportation Doboj - Integral transport
  NPS, Belgrade - Machinery managing
4. Public Services two Winners and two Honorable Mentions
Ministry of Internal Affairs Serbia Ministry of Internal Affairs Serbia - Management of legal migration


ČIKOM ČIKOM, Podgorica - URBIS support for Urbanizam, Bulidings and Inspections in Montenegro
Restitution Agency, Belgrade Restitution Agency, Belgrade - Electronic Scriptorium 
Institute for Informatics and Statistics Belgrade Institute for Informatics and Statistics Belgrade - Records of inspection activities
  Historical archives Požarevac - Arhivistika
  The National Library of Serbia, Belgrade - Sound reinforcement of a website
  Winner Production, Belgrade - mGuard
5. Finances One Winner and two Honorable Mentions
State Lottery Serbia, Belgrade

State Lottery Serbia, Belgrade – „Avalon“ Online Lottery System


Institute of Informatics and Statistics Belgrade Institute of Informatics and Statistics Belgrade – Application allowance of children in private kindergartens
RRC in cooperation with SBS and SAGA RRC in cooperation with SBS and SAGA - Consolidating of production enviroment Raiffeisen Bank
  Eurobank, Belgrade - Mobile banking for legal entities
  Blu Vela S.A, Lugano, Switzerland – ShoppingBroadcast
  DUBES, Belgrade - Financial portal Kamatica.com
  KEY4S, Belgrade - Best jobs, service of payments
6. Health Care one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - System for critically ill patients in the Emergency University Hospital `Pirogov', Sofia


Institute „Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“ Institute „Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“ - Application of the centralized public procurement in the health sector
General Hospital Bor General Hospital Bor - The implementation of hospital information system
  Zipsoft, Novi Sad - Electronic scheduling of examination
  VD Kom, Belgrade - Networked telephone system PNS
  Institute „Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“ - IS on suspicion of child abuse and neglect
  Institute „Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“ - Healt monitoring of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
7. Education one Winner and two Honorable Mention
Filipović Academy, Jagodina Filipović Academy, Jagodina - Eletronic portfolio for teachers and students
Ministry of Education Montenegro, Podgorica Ministry of Education Montenegro, Podgorica - Rationalization of the school network
University of Belgrade University of Belgrade - GRASS
  Elementary school "Drinka Pavlović", Belgrade - Around the world in 60 minutes
  Elementary school "Toplički heroji", Žitorađa - Mathematics for elementary school
  Gymnasium Bečej - Improving IT education of students
  SIVECO Romania - Wand.education, online lessons builder
8. Services one Winner and two Honorable Mention
Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government Serbia Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government Serbia - Central system of registry books



Tedenet, Šekovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina Tedenet, Šekovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Platform for on-line business
Mainstream, Belgrade Mainstream, Belgrade - Hosting on mCloud platform
  CYCLE, Belgrade - Transport Manager
  Procescom, Belgrade - VirtualSIM app
  Combis, Zagreb - Husky - Big Data solution
  Profi System Com, Smederevo - Regulations Alarm
9. Web Achievements one Winner
Regional Chamber of Commerce Kruševac Regional Chamber of Commerce Kruševac - Web portal of business information, Rasina District




  Sport association "BTL, Belgrade - Balkan's racing league
  Innovative World, Vrnjačka Banja - World Connections
  Press agency BETA, Belgrade - Production and distribution media content
  Center for Research and development of communication, Novi Sad – web Art magazin
  Net++ technology, Belgrade - SSL web shop
  SerbianaArt, Belgrade - SerbianaArt portal of applied art


Special Awards
(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

I – ICT Profesional conferences
  New technologies in education 2015, Belgrade
  Infofest 2015, Budva
Forum of Advanced Technologies 2015 Forum of Advanced Technologies 2015
MIPRO 2015 MIPRO 2015, Opatija
  Yu Info 2015, Kopaonik
  Smart e-Govrenment 2015, Belgrade
  AjSiTi conference 2015, Niš
II – ICT Radio and TV Show
The other side of the computer, Radio Belgrade The other side of the computer, Radio Belgrade


PolarotoR PolarotoR, TV show, TV KCN


e-jutro, TV show e-jutro, TV show, Tag media
  What are technologies done for us, RTS
  ZAIR - The law of action and reaction, Radio Belgrade
  Serbian Science Television (SNT)
III - ICT Publishers
PC Press PC Press – PC Press, Belgrade



ERP Magazine ERP Magazine - ERP Consulting, Belgrade
  ICDL Literature - ICDL IRAN Foundation
  100 years since the Great War, "Elementary Đura Jakšić, Kać
  e-Trgovina - Electronic publication Law ICT, Belgrade
  Blog DOBRO DRVO Elementary School "Sremski front", Šid
  Conect – PC Press, Belgrade
  BUG online – Bug d.o.o. Croatia
IV – Global partners
Samsung Samsung
CISCO System

CISCO System

Microsoft Microsoft
  Oracle Academy
DISKOBOLOS 2015 - Jury

President of jury:
Byron Nicolaides - President of CEPIS - Council of European Professional Informatics Societies

- Prof. Dr. Karim Alirzayev - President of European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry
- dr. Luis Fernandez-Sanz, ATI - Spanish IT Professionals Society
- Giulio Occhini - President of AICA - Italian IT Professionals Society
- Dirk Deschoolmeester - President, Federation of Belgian Informatics Associations
- Prof. Dr. Gerald Futschek -President of OCG - Austrian Computer Society
- Niko Schlamberger - President, Slovenian Society Informatics
- Prof. Dr. Vasile Baltac - President, Romanian Society Informatics
- R. Erdem Erkul - Representative of CEPIS and Member of Executive Board of Informatics Association of Turkey
- Fulop Henrik - President European Economic Chamber EEIG for Hungary
- Prof. Dr. Radoslav Yoshinov - President of IT Association of Bulgaria
- Panicos Masouras - Manager, ECDL Cyprus
- Marijan Frkovic - President, Croatian Information Technology Society
- Mensura Beganovic - President, Association of Informatics in Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Stevan Ljumovic - Director - general for Development of Electronic Government, Montenegro
- Sava Savic - Assistant Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Sector Information Society
- Snezana Markovic - Assistant Minister of Education for secondary education and adult education
- Marina Matijevic - Head of ICT Department, Montenegro Ministry of Education
- Dragan Ilic - President, Pedagogical Society of Teachers of Informatics
- Goran Jovisic - President, Association of professors of computer science Serbia
- Djordje Dukic - Vice-president, Council of European Professional Informatics Societies
- Doc. Dr. Zeljko Stankovic - Deputy Director of ZUOV - Institute for Improvement of Education
- Dusan Rakic - Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Association of ICT, Association secretary
- Slavko Đumić - Vice president - Institute for Informatics and Statistics, Belgrade
- mr Vojkan Nikolic - Interior Ministry Chief of Information Technology, Belgrade
- Prof. dr Dušan Jokanović - Chief Adviser, RATEL - Republic Agency for Electronic Communications
- Milomir Gligorijevic - European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry Serbia
- Slobodan Karanovic - Ministry of Finance, public sector companies
- Zikica Milinkovic - Ministry of Defense of Serbia
- Slobodan Krstic - eDevelopment association, Serbia
- Miroslav Petrovic - President of the Board of Directors Association ARHIV INFO, Belgrade
- mr Dragan Marinkovic - Serbian Cargo, Serbian Railways
- Prof. Dr. Dragan Domazet - Dean of Faculty of Information Technology, Belgrade
- mr Cedomir Milenkovic - Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Belgrade
- Prof. Dr. Stevica Graovac - University of Electrical Engineering Belgrade
- Dragan Nikolic - Electric Power Industry of Serbia
- Prof. Dr. Svetozar Pervulov - KBC Zvezdara, Belgrade

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